A Mom’s Purpose

What is the purpose of a mom? Sometimes we moms feel like all we do is cook, wash dishes, do laundry, and pick up after our families! We don’t always see our value. It can be hard to feel valuable and worthy of God’s love when we feel like we never really accomplish anything! After all, once we get today’s laundry done and meals prepared, it’s right there waiting to be done again the next day!


But think about what we moms really do all day. Sure we cook and clean, but we also guide our children, love our husbands, encourage our friends, and set the tone for our homes and all who live in them.

Who do our children look to for comfort when they hurt themselves? Who do they want to tuck them in bed or take care of them when they’re sick?

Who do our husbands ask when they’re not sure how to make important decisions? Who do they lean on when they’re stressed or facing difficulty at work?

Yes, being a mom means so many things! In fact, we don’t have a single purpose. We have lots of them! We serve as nurses, counselors, chauffeurs, seamstresses, disciplinarians, chefs, housekeepers, and so much more!

It also means being the ones our children look to for comfort and love and assurance. The one our husbands look to for support and security.

It might mean being a businesswoman or teacher or doctor or writer.

It might mean homeschooling or driving your children to school each day.

It could mean taking care of an elderly parent or sick child.

But no matter what we moms do each day—no matter whether we have “outside jobs” or not—no matter whether our children are grown or still live at home—we will always be moms. Our children will always be our children—even when they’re grown and have children of their own.

Being a mom means hurting when our children or our husbands hurt. It means loving our families so much that our hearts (almost!) can’t hold all the love. It means working until we’re so tired we can hardly stand up. It means kissing bruises and bandaging scrapes. It means making endless amounts of macaroni and cheese. It means reading the same bedtime story so many times that we have it memorized. It means making our children wear jackets because we’re cold. It means helping with homework and praying we got it right. It means watching our children grow up and leave home. It means changing roles as our children grow up and give us grandchildren.

One thing that never changes is the purpose of a mom. A mom sets the tone for her house. She teaches her family to love and to serve as she loves and serves them. She shows God’s love to her friends and family.

A mom’s purpose is to be a blessing to her family and to be blessed by them. It’s building relationships with her husband and her children. It’s caring and being cared for. It’s loving more than you thought possible. It’s understanding just a little about how much God loves each of us even though it’s hard to imagine a love deeper than the one we feel for our children. It’s a gift from God. It’s the best thing about me.

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Wendy Hilton
Wendy lives in the South with her husband, Scott, and 3 children. She is a Christian, homeschooling, work-from-home mom. She is involved in her local church, is co-owner of the Hip Homeschool Moms website, and she teaches Training for Warriors classes at her local gym, Everwine Fitness. She and Scott were high school sweethearts and have been married for 25 years. Her oldest child, Hannah, is now age 20, she has autism, and Wendy began homeschooling her at age 2. Her son, Noah, is now age 19 and is the second homeschool graduate in the family. Her youngest child is Mary Grace, age 13, who is a social butterfly and ballerina. Wendy loves reading, eating gluten free, and working out.
Posted on: November 7, 2017, by : Wendy Hilton