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January 2017:  Praise

Praise Him for He is Worthy!

Welcome to the Rooted Devotions! I am so excited to be partnering with a bunch of great Christian writers – mamas like you who love the Lord and are passionate about growing a deeper faith. This month we’re taking a close look at praise. I love, love, love when women band together and unite in something meaningful to benefit the Kingdom and I’m so excited about this project! This month we’ll all be talking about praise – join us every week day for a new devotional thought, join the conversation and let us know what’s speaking to your heart.  

Praise Him.


As we look ahead to 2017 with all of its known activities and schedules.

As we write in our new calendars and planners with new markers and heightened anticipation.

As we rewrite some of the same resolutions we wrote last year, the year before, and the year before that.

As we set priorities.

Let us resolve to praise Him all year long.

Not just the first few days of January, but all year long. May the praise of Him who alone is worthy characterize our quiet moments, our conversations, our comments, our prayers, our lives.

We don’t have to wait to see what happens to praise Him. We don’t have to worry; we can praise Him. We need not wonder, but rather rejoice in Him.

He is worthy of our praise no matter what. And our focus on Him makes all of the difference. It grants us confidence when we feel weak, hope when we feel depressed, courage when we feel doubt, joy when we feel sad. Praising Him reminds us that He is in control, that He has a plan, that He is victorious, that He is coming back to take us home.

Are you up to a challenge? How about this one: Praise Him every day—every single day. Choose to praise Him for who He is. Choose to begin each day with acknowledging His goodness, His grace, His mercy, His love. Choose to worship Him and sing His praises.

Now, dare to imagine with me what a difference that would make in 2017.

How we submit to our spouse? How we respond to our kids? How we engage with our friends? The culture?

How would praising Him (as we begin each day and through each day) affect how we go about our responsibilities, how we fulfill our roles, how we approach conflict, how we celebrate? I bet we would smile more. I bet we would love better. I bet we would let go of the unimportant. I bet we would serve selflessly. I bet we would be more kind and less judgmental. I bet we would change from the inside out. And I bet we could change those around us, pointing them to Him, praising Him all the time.

You see, when we start making it our mission to praise Him, our perspective changes. We think about Him more, the wonder of the Eternal God, the glory of the Father, the sacrifice of the Son, the gift of the Spirit. Our lives become less about us and more about Him. Our focus changes from ourselves to His glory. 

Yes, let’s praise Him.

May 2017 be the year when we encourage each other to praise Him on the mountain top and in the valley, in our celebrations and in our disappointments, in our gains and in our losses. May He be our focus: the Unchanging, Almighty, Blessed, Sovereign God of the universe. Holy is His Name.

Psalm 145

Will you commit to praising Him along with me? Leave a comment with an idea or two, let’s inspire each other!  

Daily Devotions

Rooted Devotions

Daily Devotions

I am so excited to announce a great new project for 2017. Rooted at the Throne – Daily Devotions is full of inspiration and renewal. God has brought together an amazing group of writers to bring a series of devotions to the blog. I love speaking to women, inspiring and equipping women, and bringing women together for the glory of our Lord. This project is a beautiful blend of all those passions – I am confident you’ll be blessed if you come along on this journey with us.

Each week day we’ll bring you a devotional thought designed to deepen your faith and inspire your walk with the Lord. Our team is gathered from across the web and I know they’ll bless you.

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the whole project: we are meeting each month to pray for you, dear readers! Please join the conversation in the comments or on Facebook to let us know how the words are speaking to you and how we can pray for you.

Won’t you come along and grow in your faith along with us?

Each Month

We’ll have a new theme each month where we’ll be looking at a different aspect of our faith, from praise to love, joy, peace, and contentment. Join us as we grow together in our motherhood and our love for the Father.


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May: Humility

Meet the Team

I am so blessed by this team. I’m in awe of the words they’ve brought to the project so far and can’t wait to see how each new post unfolds. These devotions are easy to read in just a few minutes whether you’re snuggled into your quiet space, or waiting in a line in the midst of your busy day. The really beautiful thing is they’re handy, you can return again and again to dwell on the inspiring words. I’m sure you’ll be blessed by this amazing team.

Rachael Carman

Rachael Carman

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Davis Carman

Davis Carman


I am passionate about my faith in Christ, my family, and home education. I married Rachael in 1986 and God has blessed us with seven children (two boys on the front end, two boys on the back end, and three girls tucked safely in the middle). We enjoy the homeschooling adventure of a lifetime. I write on home education, training your children, working closely with your spouse, family discipleship, curriculum, living by faith, relying on God for the results, and family life (homeschool edition). My goal is to create affirming, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring content that you can put to work in your family and homeschool.

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Amanda McDowell


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Durenda Wilson

Durenda Wilson


Durenda Wilson has been married for 27years. She is the mom of eight children and nana to four. After more than twenty years of homeschooling, Durenda knows that home educating is an incredible blessing—but only if you don't let it hold you hostage to unnecessary expectations and notions of what it "should" look like. One of her favorite things is helping parents think simply and outside the box so they can homeschool confidently and in a lifestyle that works for their family.

Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John


Heidi St.John has been married to her best friend for 25 years and is the mother of seven children and grandmother of two! She is the author of two books and co-author of a Bible study designed for families called Firmly Planted.

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Jen Reyneri


Renaissance Woman Jen Reyneri and her husband Luis often live life on the road with their two home-schooled sons. Popular author and speaker, Jen is founder of Spirited and spirit filled, she savors life, poetic words, sabbaticals and strong coffee. Her best-selling (he)art-filled book, Reset, a Poetic Manifesto for the Digital Age is available on Amazon.

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Karen DeBeus


Karen DeBeus is an author and homeschooling mom who shares about living simply over at Simply Living for Him. She also speaks at homeschool conventions and events and loves sharing her journey with others- she is all about keeping it real and authentic! She recently founded the Simply Living for Him Retreat as a way for women to gather and seek Jesus together while eliminating distractions of everyday life.

Kela Nellums

Kela Nellums


I am my Daddy's (Abba) girl. I have a major crush on my awesome husband. Mom of 6, Mother in Law and "K" (grandma)! Enjoying life in South Carolina with Sword and Coffee. My desire is to daily to worship God and pursue excellence in every area of my life. I write about Faith, Marriage, and Relationships

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Kristi Finefrock


I am an Oklahoman by birth and current living situation, but claim the world as my playground. I love to travel and hope someday soon to take our family on adventures to far off lands where we can share Jesus with others and experience all the wonders He has created. I am a mother of 4 crazy, homeshooling children ages 7 & under, wife to an amazing man, and daughter of a King! I enjoy reading, making my kids laugh, cooking, all things natural, exploring, learning to play guitar and dusting off my piano skills. One day, I hope to run again, but until then I am learning patience.

LaToya Edwards

LaToya Edwards


LaToya Edwards is a Christian Life Coach with a passion for equipping women to grow spiritually through prayer during life's trials. She is also a recovering perfectionist and control freak that loves old movies, good books and strawberry Häagen-Dazs® ice cream. LaToya believes that you can come through any trial stronger in your faith, closer to God and with joy and peace that cannot be shaken!

Laura Prater

Laura Prater


Laura Prater is a homeschooling mom to three boys. She is married to the love of her life and soul mate, Clay. Clay just retired this past year from the Army after 20+ years of active duty. Laura has had articles published on many websites including National Military Family Association and Military One Click. She currently serves as an area coordinator for National Military Family Association in the south region. Clay, her husband is diagnosed with PTSD, combat induced anxiety and multiple other combat related injuries. It has became a mission for them to share openly about the ups and downs of PTSD with the public. In the Spring they will begin teaching courses for Combat Boot Recovery in their home state of Tennessee. You can find them speaking at various speaking events around the country and sharing about military life, parenting, faith, homeschooling and homemaking over at

Laura Zielke

Laura Zielke


Laura Zielke is a deep thinker and Bible scholar. She is not afraid to question tradition and challenges people to evaluate their beliefs according to the Scriptures. Laura earned her M-Div. from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with an emphasis on Biblical Studies, Archaeology, and Languages. She has been blessed to serve as a lay leader in local churches for more than thirty years. Having been recognized as an outstanding leader, teacher, and entrepreneur, Laura currently serves on the boards of two non-profit organizations: Triad Ladder of Hope (fighting human trafficking) and Shield Your Faith (an apologetics ministry). She and her husband of 20 years have one 14-year old son who is in the 9th grade and homeschooled. Laura is an INTJ on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, and enjoys helping people discover more about themselves, the Lord, and their purpose in life. For more information and pictures of cute penguins, visit

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Lynn H Mosher


Lynn Mosher lives with her hubby (since 1966) in their Kentucky nest, emptied now of three chicklets and embracing two giggly grand-chicklets. Lynn is the keeper of a secret recipe for barbecue sauce, which she may share if you bribe her with enough chocolate. She also hunts for God’s treasures on the road Home, though she does get muddy sometimes. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000, the Lord whispered to her heart to write for Him. Now, her greatest passion is to fulfill God’s call on her life to encourage others and glorify the Lord with her devotionals and inspirational stories. She writes for several sites and bi-weekly on her site, Heading Home. For more from Lynn, visit

Mary Jo Tate

Mary Jo Tate


Mary Jo Tate is blessed with four wonderful sons and has been educating them at home since 1997; three of them are now in college. Mary Jo is the author of Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms and the host of the “Flourish at Home” radio show for the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. She loves teaching moms how to balance their busy lives and how to find peace in the space between the ideal and reality. Connect with Mary Jo at

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Megan Spires


I’ve been married to my amazing husband for almost 18 years. We have 4 young sons who definitely keep us busy and going! Our oldest is 9, next one is 7, then 5 and our youngest is 3. We’ve been homeschooling them since day one and love them all to pieces. You’ll find me writing about all kinds of things. But my heart behind Devotional Motherhood is to write about and share the real kind of life-living that happens in the everyday moments of motherhood.

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Melissa Langford


Melissa Langford is a homeschooling mom of 6 amazing children. She has been married to the love of her life, Stacy, for 20 years. They live in East Tennessee in the renovated home of her great grandparents on land that has been in her family for 4 generations. Melissa is passionate adoption and works to raise awareness about the need for adoptive parents for special needs and medically fragile children. Melissa blogs regularly about the joyful abundance to be found in simple living on her blog

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Rebecca Brandt


Mom of 4 (one in Heaven) and wife to the one God chose for her. She enjoys her time at home with family and time at activities with her children. She is an author speaker and encourager to Moms who love being at home, but are also on the go with work, activities, sports and friends of all nationalities and religions. She loves sharing Jesus' love and grace in a fast-paced world.

Sherri Seligson

Sherri Seligson


Sherri Seligson is a 21-year homeschool mom and marine biologist. She has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, Interning for High School Credit, instructional DVDs for Exploring Creation with Biology, Chemistry, and The Human Body, and other publications. An international conference speaker, Sherri encourages moms and teaches families the value of studying God’s creation. You can connect with Sherri at

Sherryl Wilson

Sherryl Wilson


Sherryl Wilson is a homeschooling mom to seven & granma to 11. Their family has homeschooled since the early 80's when it wasn't as popular (or legal) as it is today. She and her family have a non profit that helps families in need in the Northern Kentucky area. She can usually be found speaking at a ladies event on being the woman of faith that God calls you to be and writing on her sites, SimplySherryl and TheHomeschoolVillage.

Tauna Meyer

Tauna Meyer


Tauna is a Jesus follower, wife, mom, [domestically challenged] homemaker, homeschooler, and writer. Her passion is to help women pursue God's call on their lives (no matter the learning curve) and rely on Him to equip us for the task! You'll find her at, bringing you encouragement and tools for your journey.

Tricia Powell

Tricia Powell


Tricia resides in Virginia with her husband of 20 years, two daughters and their dog. She enjoys reading, glamping (it's like camping sans the dirt) and she's a self-professed coffee addict. Before answering the call to motherhood, she managed large-scale projects and worked on programs for major corporations. She is really a recovering Postmodernist Feminist who seeks to teach and equip peers and the up and coming generations with a Biblical Worldview and doing so with love, respect, chocolate, coffee and at times a side of snark.

Trudie Schar

Trudie Schar


Trudie is a daughter of the King, wife, mommy, homeschool teacher, and writer. Her hubby, Ethan and she have been married almost 11 years and together have 4 girls. Trudie loves to read a good book, sip a yummy hot cocoa, and spend a cozy evening laughing with her family. She loves to write! Any free-time Trudie has finds her adding words to paper and creating something new for women to read! She loves to learn, and share what she’s learned to help others. Trudie has a passion for women stuck in their faith and a passion for young moms; as she has been in both these desperate places before. Trudie started a Bible study website called Girls In God’s Word this past year to help busy moms, wives, and women to dig into the Bible! You can find reading plans and resources at You can find Trudie and the books she’s authored on her blog at Little Learning Lessons.

Wendy Bilbo Hilton

Wendy Bilbo Hilton


Wendy lives in the South with her husband, Scott, and 3 children. She is a Christian, homeschooling, work-from-home mom. She is involved in her local church, is co-owner of the Hip Homeschool Moms website, and she teaches Training for Warriors classes at her local gym, Everwine Fitness. She and Scott were high school sweethearts and have been married for 25 years. Her oldest child, Hannah, is now age 20, she has autism, and Wendy began homeschooling her at age 2. Her son, Noah, is now age 19 and is the second homeschool graduate in the family. Her youngest child is Mary Grace, age 13, who is a social butterfly and ballerina. Wendy loves reading, eating gluten free, and working out.

You Might Have That Child If…


I want to take a little break from all the serious talk about That Child. Don’t worry, I still have more insight to share about raising That Child, but I think it’s important for us to keep laughing and understanding that God has a sense of humor even in the midst of all the hard stuff. At the end of the day He’s always trying to do two things glorify himself, and grow us. It’s really good for us to use the gift of laughter that He’s given us, to create a little levity in what can be very overwhelming circumstances with “That” Child.

So I just want to go through this little list, I actually have eleven items, and i’m hoping that at the end of this you will be able to add your own items in the comments below. I’m sure there’s a lot of other ideas that we could all add to this list, let’s start with these:

11 Signs you might have that child

You might have a “That” Child if…

#1:  You might have a “That” Child if they demand all of your attention.

Can I get an amen?! If you have “That” Child, they demand all of you, they demand parts of you that you didn’t even know you had, they demand the exhausted and the tired and the overwhelmed parts of you. The spent parts of you, the parts of you you don’t know what to do with. They demand it all, and they demand it all the time. Yes they do.

I’m here to tell you that when my oldest “That” Child was still at home, I used to go in at night and just watch him sleep, cause he was so still and he looked so innocent. Laying in there in the bed he wasn’t demanding anything of me. And then I would just go cry.

If you have a “That” Child you know exactly what I mean. They demand parts of you, and so much of you, and the glorious part of them demanding so much of you is it means you need that much more of God. See, the blessing of God sending me “That” Child, more than once was that it caused me to have to lean into Him. I knew that I needed Him, because of how much my “That” Child needed me. And when I ran out of me, I needed God. That was the blessing of it.

#2: You might have a “That” Child if their mood is completely unpredictable, moment to moment.

If you have “That” Child, you don’t always know who’s gonna wake up in their room in the morning. They might be totally agreeable and joyful and cooperative and you will want to know who woke up in their room. And they might be that way to breakfast…but after breakfast, you don’t even know what happens, it completely changes. “That” Child’s mood is all over the map, as are their interests, and their curiosity, and their attention, it’s all over everywhere.

“That” Child they can change, and turn around on a dime, and you keep trying to figure out “What did we do to get the cooperative, and what did we do to get the not cooperative”.

Here’s one thing I’m going to tell you over and over about “That” Child for all those times we’re thinking “I don’t know how to do this, this is so hard, this is so tiring” I want us to take the opportunity to pause, and consider what might it be like to be “That” child.

I’m going to propose this: it is hard to be “That” Child. It’s hard for their emotions to be all over the map. It’s hard for them to not know what they’re interested in, or how to pay attention, or how to focus, or how did they get on this, that, or the other thing? They’re wondering all that too.

It’s not just us.

And they deserve more than a little bit of our compassion as they navigate the intersection in those pre-teen and teen years of not just their “That” Child wiring but also those hormones when they kick in. They don’t know themselves – so we could stand to be compassionate and more caring with them.

#3: You might have a “That” Child if you cannot hear them, you know you must find them.

I had two boys before I had any daughters, and I had friends who had girls first and I remember going over to one of my friend’s house who just had daughters and I was like “Uhm, where are the girls?” And she said “Oh they’re in their room playing” And I thought to myself, Wow, what must that be like? My boys, If I couldn’t hear them I needed to find them, and I needed to find them quickly because you know what? They were probably doing something, that they shouldn’t be doing, and that’s how it is!

Not necessarily sneaky, not necessarily deceptive, although that was certainly true, but I’m talking about doing things because they were just so curious. Things they shouldn’t have been messing with. It’s truly what they needed to do. They needed to chase their curiosity but I needed to be around them when they did, giving them permission to be curious.

“That” Child is very curious, “That” Child wants to know things and investigate things, and if we can give them permission to do those things when we’re with them it cuts down on their need to do those in a sneaky way. But you know what I mean, “That” Child is not generally quiet, so if they are, ya need to find them!

#4: You might have a “That” Child if their thinking rarely precedes their actions.

Yes, you know what it’s like. You’ve told them a thousand times, you know you’ve told them, you’ve trained them, you’ve intentionally interjected truth in their lives, and guess what they do? Not what you say.

But it’s not because you haven’t said it, it’s because they aren’t thinking.

Many many many times I would say to mine: “Wait, think. Were you thinking? You need to pause and think. Make sure you’re thinking.” See, they just rush into action. But the good news is, they’re home with us and we can teach them!

If we can have the patience of the holy spirit over and over again we can teach them the power and the importance of thinking before they act.

#5: You might have a “That” Child if graduation seems really far away.

On The heels of one of our most difficult years with “That” Child as a homeschooling family, we went to our state conference in May. We had just been through 9 months of really challenging character issues and self control issues. I’m not even sure how much we actually accomplished in school that year because we were constantly dealing with these issues. Anyway, it got to May and we went to our state homeschool conference. Our state conference offers a senior graduation and I went in to watch it because I felt like I’ve just gotta get some inspiration, it just seems impossible that we are ever gonna make it to graduation with “That” Child.

So I’m sitting there, by myself, and there was this woman behind me and I began to cry and in her compassion she put her arm around me and she said “Which one’s yours?” She asked this as they filed across the stage and I said “none of them, my oldest one is twelve!”

But as I was looking at those graduates I was like “Oh please God, can we get to that? Can we make it to that? Would you give us what we need to make it to that?” On that day, that graduation seemed really far off.

If that’s you today I wanna encourage you to hold on, God’s got this. You’re on a journey, He’s got a plan, hold His hand, and take one day at a time.

#6: You might have a “That” Child if nothing seems to work.

Yes, it’s difficult with “That” Child. I went through all the books, I read The Strong Willed Child, The Sensory Sensitive Child…I mean I read everything I could get my hands on. I was looking for something that I could actually do to help. If they gave me any indication of time out, or putting them over here or doing a chart or whatever they said I was like “Ok we’re gonna try this”

And I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and I tried, but nothing seemed to work.

And I felt like “My goodness, what am I gonna do?” But again, I wanna tell you, the fact that nothing worked made me again, lean into God, made me go to God. The numbers of times I was on my face just trying to call out to God and say “What do you want me to do? I don’t know how to do this, I don’t know how to train him, I don’t know what to say.” And I would go and God always provided. He always gave me some creative Idea of something to try, He always gave me discernment and the wisdom I need as he dried my tears, and he bonded our hearts together as I leaned into God for that.

So even though it felt like nothing worked from what the world was offering, it gave me an opportunity to go to God and ask God “What do I do for “That” Child? For this specific “That” Child, what do you want me to do?” And He always answered.

#7: You might have a “That” Child if you worry about the effect they’re having on your other children.

This is one of the more serious ones on the list, and I had this in spades when we were going through this really intense time with our oldest, who was “That” Child. I remember just crying out to God and saying “I don’t understand, you sent me 6 more after him, how is it possible? He needs everything! I don’t even know how to do this and I don’t even know if I talked to this child today, I don’t even know if I hugged this other child today and I know I didn’t read to this other child today.”

And I would just cry and cry and cry.

I want to tell you, all of these years later one of the things that we would say to the kids when our “That” Child was having so many problems and one of the other kids would come up and say “What’s wrong? I don’t understand. Why does he have to get so angry? Why does he have to argue with everything? Why does he get so mad?” And we would talk to the other children about this and I would always encourage them to pray for him and we would always pause and pray for him and obviously we prayed with him many many times. Today I can tell you that my kids don’t resent it, that’s not how they remember it because you know what?All of my kids have had issues and we’ve had to pray them all through different things, that just happened to be his thing.

Look, I’ve said this before and it’s very valuable, I wish I knew who to credit with this saying because it is so poignant: “What defines you as a person, is what you believe about God.” And everybody will know that by the way you live, how you give, what you do, and what you don’t do, what you watch and what you don’t read, ok?

What defines you as a family is how you deal with your weakest link, whether that link is a behavior problem today, or some sort of a physical issue, or a mental disability, or an illness, you know like, at your house when somebody is sick at your house it doesn’t mean that you carry on as usual, you tend to the needs of the ones thats sick. And if someone has a learning issue, you tend to the needs of that learning issue.

So, as you’re dealing with “That” Child the rest of your kids are watching and they’re seeing how you deal with that kid, and it is ministering to them, you’re giving them an example of how to deal with their weakest link when they grow up and get married and it’s all about compassion and patience and love, and love, and love, and grace, and grace, and grace.

So the effect it’s having on your children is they’re getting to see God intercede in your family and in you, and do something amazing, as long as you keep pointing everyone to God. The effect on your other kids can be amazingly positive.

#8: You might have a “That” Child if you’ve cried yourself to sleep.

Night after night after night I remember my pillow being just soaking wet cause I just kept feeling like a failure. And you know what? My enemy wanted to keep me in the place where I felt like a failure, he wanted to keep me under condemnation for the days I lost it, for the days I did not allow the Holy Spirit to come and fill me with patience, for the days when I was frustrated and I let him know it, for the days that I didn’t handle it well in a God-honoring way, for the days, you know what, I didn’t wanna ask God, because I knew God was gonna ask me to be patient and I didn’t wanna be.

I would cry myself to sleep, and cry myself to sleep, and ask for forgiveness, and ask for a fresh new day, and you know what? God always gave it.

I wanna tell you, God, in our brokenness that is where He meets us. Over and over, and over in scripture it’s in our brokenness and our desperate need that He meets us, and He comes and does something glorious.

As long as we think we’ve got it, we don’t need Him. But when we know we don’t got it, that we need Him, that He is glorified and we get to grow in our dependency on Him.

#9: Yes, you Might have a “That” Child if you know they know all of your buttons, and they know how to push them all at the same time, regularly.

Yes, My “That” Child was able to find buttons that I did not know that I had, and he was able to consistently push all of them at the worst possible moment. Again, I really believe that the God of the universe, sovereign over all things, has blessed you with “That” Child. This is not a burden, it’s not payback, it’s not a curse, it’s a blessing that God has given you “That” Child To show you your need for God and the opportunity he’s granted you to grow this child into somebody that will glorify his name.

Pushing all your buttons is a blessing!

It’s a blessing to find weaknesses, and failures, and faults that you didn’t know you had, or in my case, I had covered up so well I had learned to ignore. I’m glad that I’ve had that child to point out the issues in myself that I really needed to work on. And that was again when God came and began to heal.

#10: You might have a “That” Child if discipline dominates every day.

Now, I used to have a thing with my “That” Child and when he would disobey during the day I would take away his favorite toy for that day. So let’s say that it was this little train, But, I wouldn’t just take it away from him and put it away, I would take it away and put it somewhere where he could see it and want it, but not be able to get it. And so my husband could walk in, and within five minutes of being in the door he could look at the mantle, and assess how the day had been.

I was looking for creative ways to get this child’s attention all the time. Whether it was putting him in time out, taking away things that he wanted, not allowing him to go and participate in things that he wanted to do, I had charts and graphs going, I was constantly trying to discipline him. Because with these kids what I know is they thrive in consistency but I fail at consistency.

So the discipline was not just disciplining him, but it was learning to discipline myself. The discipline of spending time with God every morning, of praying, of choosing to glorify and focus on God, even in the midst of a really lousy day, just going “Ok God, I’ve blown it. But I Praise you. Thank you for sending me this kid. I thank you, and I praise your holy name for the plan that you have, even though I don’t know what it is right now.”

That’s what it means, everyone of these issues gives us an opportunity to lean into God, or, we can choose to continue to lean into ourselves.

#11: You might have a “That” Child if giving up is really tempting.

I want to encourage you with every ounce of my being, don’t. give. up. Don’t give up on you and your ability to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you and to bless “That” Child, and don’t give up on “That” Child. Too many people already have.

When I started doing this presentation a couple of years ago, I actually called and talked to my “That” Child who is now a college graduate, married with my first grandchild, and pursuing a master’s degree. I called him and asked his permission to continue telling our story, and he said “You know what mom? Tell our story, and tell the moms this: don’t give up on us.

That is the message from my “That” Child to you as the mom of “That” Child. Now, your “That” Child may not be able to say it to you right now, and it may seem like they’re screaming at you right now to give up on them. But I am begging you, don’t. give. up.

Determine that you are going to trust that God has a plan, and that God has in them a mighty warrior for His kingdom, that He’s given you an opportunity to raise for His glory, and yes, to grow through your junk.

God has a plan.

Remember this mamas: you might have a “That” Child if God has blessed you abundantly, and I pray that you will hug “That” Child, and you will seek God, and you will lean into Him.

In His Grace-

Rachael Carman




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Dear That Child Mom – You are Not Alone

It’s easy, when you are facing That Child every-single-day, to get into a place where you feel so incredibly alone.

When you are just sure that you are the only one who had that kind of day with that child.


Dear That Child Mom, you are not alone.


I’m glad you’re here.

I want you to know there’s a whole bunch of us out here.

And we all need each other!

I’ve had a couple of those kids come through a household with seven children, and my current one was just wired today.

Completely wired.

Could not sit still.

Was asking the same question over and over and over…

You get the picture.

You completely understand what I’m talking about.

So, Yeah. It was one of those days.

I assure you, if you’re coming to our discussion today, and it’s been one of those days…

Welcome. And you are not alone.

I gave a presentation a couple of years ago where I was sharing about my That Child to a group of moms in Minnesota. And before I even started, I looked into the middle of the crowd, there must have been seven hundred moms in the room, and this woman just started crying. 

I hadn’t even said anything yet. 


I can remember while I was being formally introduced to the crowd, I was actually praying for that woman saying “God, just hold her, I don’t know what’s going on… but she needs you right now.”

I watched her.

As she sat and cried.



The entire presentation.

After I was done she started coming towards me, and I was thinking… 

“Oh sweet Jesus, give me the words of encouragement that I need for this mom in her brokenness and exhaustion!”

She came up to me and said “You have no idea. Just sitting and looking around this room at all these other moms and to realize I wasn’t the only one, was so powerful for me. The enemy had me so convinced that I was the only one and no one understood.”  

Look, you’re not sitting in a room with me presenting to seven hundred moms right now, but maybe you will someday and I look forward to that time with a lot of hope that I can actually give you a hug.

But for right now…. from this computer screen, I want to assure you,  you’re not alone.

You are joined by thousands of moms across the country who are in the everyday battle that you are.

To maintain your sanity and find a way to love That Child that God has sent you.


If you have not read my confession about my first that child, I encourage you do to so.

I think you will quickly see I’m right there with you!

Lots of us are.

Join us for the rest of this series as we discuss, vent, and pray over our own version of That Child.

I hope to challenge your perception and encourage you in your mothering.

I pray that you will be blessed as we lift each other up and mother These Children.

Every Thursday at 3:00 pm Eastern, I’ll have a new live discussion on my Facebook Page about That Child. Meet me there! Bring your questions. Bring your struggles. Bring your heart. I’ll meet you where you are and do my best to help you work through this very challenging stage.

In His Grace –

Rachael Carman


Why We Should Retell Birth Stories


I have seven great stories about the births of my kids. I love to tell these stories, just as I love to hear my mother tell about my arrival – including how her water broke, causing the doctor to fall in the hall! And we should retell birth stories.



Having seven kids wasn’t my plan- but that’s a discussion for a different day. I’m very grateful I have two sons and then three daughters and two boys at the end. It has just been a glorious ride and I’m very grateful to have each and every one. But let me tell you, every single birth story was different. Every single one of them was different!! None of them were even remotely the same. 


The first one was Charles and his was a forced delivery.  I sat, well actually I didn’t sit- and that was the problem. After birth with him I was confidant that I wasn’t doing that again because I didn’t think I’d sit on a hard surface ever again! Some of you know exactly what I mean…


Anyway, I went on to have Anderson the next year and he was almost an emergency C section because he was so large. The thought of a c-section motivated me to practically shoot him across the room (such a visual there, right?!). 


Ann, our first daughter, had a very peaceful delivery – it snowed on the day she was born and she smiled almost immediately.


Molly was the only one, my middle child, that I went into labor with and was actually born on her due date!


With Lily I was induced- but she was also very peaceful with a beautiful gentle spirit.


With Joseph I walked miles around the hospital floor trying to encourage him along. He took his time.


With Ben my delivery was pretty much textbook after a busy pregnancy. 

All of the different circumstances and details surrounding their individual birth stories, I’ll never forget.

How hard I pushed.

How long I labored.

All the people there with me- My husband and the different doctors.

I will never forget.

And your children’s birth stories are stories worth retelling.

Your kids want to hear them!

(Or their gotcha day. I’ve had several friends who had the blessing of adoption across the ocean, and they love to retell all of us back home. Every single detail of God’s clear provision, as they went across the pond or maybe just around the corner to a hospital.)

We’re blessed by the child that God had chosen for us from the dawn of creation, to be our son or daughter.

And if you haven’t retold them lately, tell them their birth story!

All the details.

How you counted their fingers and toes.

How they cried.

If they had hair.

Who you thought they looked like.

There is just something about hearing your birth (or gotcha) story recounted that makes you feel special.

Very special.

The circumstances of your birth story, your Heavenly Father knows too. And just like a new father who holds his child for the first time, He had plans for you.

His plan is to work in and through you.

He remembers that day.

The hour.

The moment.

The commitment you made to follow and trust Him.

How child-like your faith was when you said quietly in your spirit ” I surrender all this to Jesus.”

How innocent you were about the challenges you would face.

He remembers everything about that special day.

We need to recall where we came from and what He did for us when He cleaned us up.

This will help to keep us humble.

It’s important to admit how much we needed Him then.

And how much we need Him now.

I want to encourage you to tell your kids their physical birth story, but don’t stop there- talk to them about the day you were born spiritually. And if they have given their life to Christ- talk about the day they were born spiritually.

In His Grace-

Rachael Carman


Look. At. Me.

“Look. At. Me.”

How many times have you said that today?

We say that all the time as moms.  

Often when we say it to our kids, we’re flustered or frustrated and we say “Look at Me! Pay attention!

When I want my kids to look at me it’s because I have something REALLY important and serious I want to convey to them and I want to make sure that I have their total attention.

With no distractions. I want them to tune everything else out, and look at me.

I want them to look at me because I feel like when they’re looking at me- I’ve got their heart.

I feel like I can tell if they’re really listening when they are looking at me. But I can’t tell, If I don’t have their eyes on me.

And I want to tell you a secret… I now have four out of the house and only three at home. But a mama’s ear can tell when they’re not looking at you.

When they are distracted…

Even if they are on the phone!  I sometimes catch myself saying “Look–are you listening?” because I can’t actually tell if they are looking. But I can usually hear it.

That practice of imploring your children to really look at you and listen is something that we establish when they’re home, so that when it is the phone call or even Facetime, we still have the privilege of asking them to look at us.

But you know what?

Pay attention to Me.

Lift your eyes up.

See when I get distracted it’s because I’m not lifting my eyes to Him.

I’ve forgotten about Him, who alone, sits on the throne.

I’ve become distracted by the things of this world  that just don’t matter.

I have let my eyes and mind get distracted.

And I have to admit…

Sometimes, like you, my kids are actually looking at me when I’d really rather they were not watching.

Like sometimes when I may be scrolling through the internet for a few more moments than I need to be.

Or maybe I’m watching a television show that I don’t need to be.

Or maybe at the checkout I’m looking at all the headlines in the rag magazines by the checkout and I don’t need to be.

Or maybe I’m even in the middle of a bad habit that I hope nobody else notices.

And those are the times when unfortunately, I had my kids’ full attention.

Just like you, our Heavenly Father whispers in those moments “Honey, look at Me, Look at Me!”

The key to overcoming those distractions, the key to overcoming those terrible habits that we find ourselves in (because we’re caught up in a sinful world) is to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ.

To focus on our heavenly home and to continually be looking to Him.

Today, I bet you’ve said “Look at me”. While you were saying it to one of your little ones, did you perhaps hear God whisper to you “Look at Me”?

See when we look at Him, all of our stuff, even the things that seem so huge, pale in comparison to the sovereign King who sits on the throne.

I want to invite you to look at Him, especially when we’re so incredibly focused on our kids focusing on us- I think we can say that with more honesty when we make sure that we’re looking at Him.

I remember when we would go to Poppy’s house when we were first married and we would go over and paint the barn or bury a cat or plant a rose bush for Poppy. And on Saturday morning when we would get there I wouldn’t see Poppy reading his King James Bible, but I would see his King James Bible, open on the table as evidence, of where he’d been that morning before we even arrived.

I have a question for you…. When do you want your kids to look at you? What is it you want them to see you doing?

Top 8 Things We Say to That Child

Welcome to my new series on That Child. If you missed my first article (and my confession) about my That Child, you can read it here.

We are about to really start digging in and having the hard conversation about our That Child, but before we get too deep, I wanted to remind everyone to not let yourself fall into the habit of living frustrated and grouchy.

Instead, really try to find the beauty and humor in our everyday life. Believe me, you will need that perspective some days!

Remember to laugh (and breath) on a regular basis. And to help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the top 8 things we say to That Child. Leave me a comment and let me know if any of these sound familiar to you.

Or if I left any off that I need to add!


8. Stop!

In fact, probably several times a day you find yourself saying “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Stop, stop.” Right?

I used to love to go in, at night, and watch my That Child sleep.

He was so still.

So peaceful.

He was never that way when he was awake!

So I loved to go in at night, and just pray over him, and just stay, because he was finally still.

7. No!

They ask outrageous things.

At outrageous times.

And unfortunately sometimes it’s just our go-to answer.

Truth is, we don’t even really listen to them.

And I’m going to challenge you to work through that.

6. Pay attention!

Because so often, they’re off in some other land. So it is another very common thing to say to That Child.

I used to cradle Charles’s face in my hands and I would say “Look at me.” Because sometimes he would be looking at me, but the lights weren’t on, right?

The lights are on but no one’s home?

That’s the look that I got from Charles’s face.

So we want them to pay attention because we have something very powerful we want to say to them.

5. What were you thinking?


Things that you and I would never have thought to do.

And we need to pray for, as mothers of a That Child, we need to pray for discernment.

For the ability to see when they are really being rebellious, and when they’re just being curious.

Oh, and that God would grant us patience, when curiosity reigns the day.


4. Slow down!

Because they’re just running.

Running, running, running, running, running.

Everything is at full speed.

Glasses of orange juice on the table, not a good setup when that child’s around.

They need to learn to slow down, when it’s appropriate mom, but not all the time. We need to give them outlets for all of that energy.

With my  grown That Child and the one I currently have at home, I often will send them out to run laps around the house.

You’re gonna think that’s crazy, but instead of just sitting there, asking him to slow down over and over and over, something he just can’t do. I want to give him an ability, an ability to use that energy in a positive way. So running around the house, go out and shoot some hoops, something, to get the energy out.

3. What are you supposed to be doing?

See, That Child is very often not doing what they are supposed to be doing and it’s not that you haven’t been clear… they’re just easily distracted and they’re curious.

And so a caterpillar was crossing the road and they were supposed to get the mail, but, there’s a caterpillar.

And they had to put it back in its home and it’s home was three streets away, and…

You get the idea. I’m gonna tell you, they get a bad rap. I get that, they need to do we’ve asked them to do, and we say this a lot, but we need to build in grace when we’re saying these things to them.

2. Are you listening?

And the answer is often no.

They’re not listening because there is so much going on in their head.

So many ideas.

So much curiosity.

So much imagination.

So much going on that they’re probably not listening to you.

But again, it’s not always, rebellious. Sometimes it’s just childish immaturity.

1.  How many times do I have to tell you?

This is one of the things that I like to say often to my That Child regularly

Yeah, I have a book by that title.

Anyway, I had a friend one time that was calling her husband on one of those mornings with her That Child, and she was recounting to her husband all of the things that had gone wrong that morning,

“…he did this, and he did this, and he did this.”

And I think she told me it was 7:45 in the morning, her husband was already at work, and the day was already in shambles.

And she went on, and on, and on.

And the climax of her story was, “How many times do I have to tell him?”

And her husband responded “That’s, your job.”

Yeah, that IS our job as moms… we get to tell them over and over, and if we keep making it a “have to”, that’s when a root of bitterness can spring up, which we are warned about.

Hebrews 12:14-16 (NASB)

14 Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord. 15 See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled; 16 that there be no immoral or godless person like Esau, who sold his own birthright for a single meal.

Here we have an opportunity to tell them over and over in a loving and patient way.

Your That Child was sent to you as a blessing, and even if right now, today has been a really hard challenging day, I hope you’ll drive a stake in the ground and determine to go forward with grace, and a new vision for that child.

I want to suggest to you boldly and courageously today that what our world needs, is strong young men and women, who are totally dedicated to the cross of Jesus Christ. That’s the opportunity that lays before us as moms of That Child.

To raise a generation of World Changers – young men and women who seek to serve God – and it’s not gonna be easy.

They’re gonna fight.

They’re gonna question.

They’re gonna push back.

And we have a profound strength with the Mighty God of Heaven, to raise a generation, that’s going to point others to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Join us for the rest of this series as we discuss, vent, and pray over our own version of That Child.  I hope to challenge your perception and encourage you in your mothering. I pray that you will be blessed as we lift each other up and mother Those Children.

In His Grace-

Rachael Carman

That Child and My Confession

Today I want to share a story with you. It is one that I kept hidden and didn’t talk about for many years. Because I didn’t know how to fix the situation. It is a story about my That Child.

It is our story.

His story.

And I have a confession to make  … 

I had been sharing about him without my That Child‘s permission! Yes, all the details.

The rages.

The arguments. 

The disobedience.

The challenges.

All of it.

As I started sharing bits and pieces, more and more people started asking me about my That Child. And they wanted to tell me about their That Child

How their That Child was “the one” driving them crazy.

And their That Child was the reason they put everybody on the bus.

Or the exact opposite, their That Child was the only one on the bus and they kept everybody else at home.

So I was getting more and more questions about how I managed. I knew God was saying it was time to start sharing about what happened. And I knew I needed to call my That Child, who is now 26 years old, has graduated from college, is married, and is, in fact, the father of my first grandchild.

To tell him that I felt God encouraging me to talk about our story.

To ask him for permission.

When I called him and said – “Listen, you know I’ve been speaking around the country telling our story for a while now, people are asking me to help them. To share how we did it. But I need to ask your permission before I do that.”

So here I am- with the full permission of my That Child,  here to tell you our story and hopefully encourage you. 

Now let me tell you a few stories so you can know for sure that I have one. Because let me tell you, one of the main things the enemy wants to do, is convince each one of us who have “one of them”, that nobody understands, and nobody else’s child behaves like our’s does. But let me assure you, I get it.

My That Child used to rage- and literally, froth at the mouth. I would hold him crisscross applesauce and rock back and forth and sing him hymns just to try to calm him down. And in response he would say “You’re trying to kill me, you’re making me bleed!” At the top of his lungs. All the while he was yelling, I was just trying to calm him. And those tears of mine, were dripping off my chin into his little scruffy hair.

That was my That Child.

The one who ran into traffic, twice.

The one who if I said “No” to, looked me straight in the eye, and did exactly what I had asked him not to do.

When he was really young I used to have a policy, that when he disobeyed I would take away his favorite toy and put it on the mantle of our home. See, I didn’t just want to take it away and put it where he couldn’t see it.

I wanted him to want to have it back.

To remember why I had taken it from him.

So my husband could walk in the door after a long day at work, take one look at the mantle, and know exactly how the day had gone. 

And believe me, some days when he came home, every toy we owned was tottering on the top of the mantle.

So I do get it, I really do get it.

These are the kids that make us want to pull out our hair.

Make us want to run, yelling and screaming from the building.

Make us confident that we are just a complete failure.

That we’ve lost it.

That we can’t.

These are the kids that we think we have failed.

The kids we love- but we don’t like them very much, not at all, actually. And it’s not something that we would say out loud, or in bed, or put in a journal or anything. I’m saying it for you, because I know it’s true.

You love them cause you have to.

Because their your’s.

But you don’t like them very much.

I hope that’s not true by the time we are done discussing That Child.

I hope that during our time together you come to love.


And cherish and like That Child.

I pray that you can catch a vision for what God has blessed you, yes, blessed you with

See, that child in your home, is the one that your mother prayed you would have some day! When I was young my mother would say to me “Rachael Dawn” (you know, anytime they say your full name- you know you’re in deep weeds). Well she would say “Rachael Dawn I just hope you have someone like you someday.”

And you know what, I did.

I remember calling her one night on the phone when my oldest, my That Child was throwing another fit. And when she picked up the other end of the phone, after she said “Hello”- I  just began to apologize over and over. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

But I want you to know today, that the That Child that God has blessed you with, He hasn’t sent them to punish you!

Not to get you back!

Not to teach you a lesson!

He has blessed you with That Child so that you can draw closer to Him.

So that you can point That Child to Him.

So that you can raise a world changer. 

Whatever face came to your mind when I said That Child, I want you to purpose today with me, not to give up on That Child. Because I promise, with God’s help, you can do this.

Join us for the rest of this series as we discuss, vent, and pray over our own version of That Child.  I hope to challenge your perception and encourage you in your mothering. I pray that you will be blessed as we lift each other up and mother Those Children.

Every Thursday at 3:00 pm Eastern, I’ll have a new live discussion on my Facebook Page about That Child. Meet me there! Bring your questions. Bring your struggles. Bring your heart. I’ll meet you where you are and do my best to help you work through this very challenging stage.

In His Grace-

Rachael Carman


Memorize & Meditate {M&M} John 4


Jesus Talks With a Samaritan Woman

Now Jesus learned that the Pharisees had heard that he was gaining and baptizing more disciples than John— although in fact it was not Jesus who baptized, but his disciples. So he left Judea and went back once more to Galilee.

Now he had to go through Samaria. So he came to a town in Samaria called Sychar, near the plot of ground Jacob had given to his son Joseph. Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon.

When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Will you give me a drink?” (His disciples had gone into the town to buy food.)  Read more…

Repeating words/phrases:







What does verse 4 say about this encounter? Was it accidental or intentional? Get out a map of Bible times. Did Jesus have to go through Samaria?


Jesus set the scene. Read verses 5-6. What does Jesus do in preparation for this meeting? Where were the disciples according to verse 27? What time of day was it? Why would this woman be coming to the well at this time of day?


Why did the woman come? What did she bring? What intangibles did she bring?


What is her name? Is she nameless or just unnamed? What is the difference? Why might her name not be recorded?


Close your eyes and imagine the scene. Let the warmth of the sun warm your face. Let the breeze refresh you. Anticipate the cool water at the end of the familiar path. Now imagine her surprise to find someone sitting beside the well. Picture the moment-


Now, read the conversation between the woman and Jesus. What did he ask her for?


This was incredible. Jews didn’t interact with Samaritans. It just wasn’t done. Jesus has now intentionally gone into Samaria and is now talking with a woman and asking to drink from her water jar. John Piper says that would be like Jesus asking her for a drink from her water bottle. Crazy! What is her response?


What does Jesus offer her in verse 10? How does she respond? How does her response reflect doubt?


In verse 11 she questions His sovereignty, His ability to give her living water. What does she say? Whom does she reference from the Old Testament? See Genesis 25-35; 47-50.


In verses 13-14 Jesus contrasts the water in Jacob’s well with the Living Water He is offering her. How are the two different?


Now how does she respond in verse 15? What is the appeal of His offer to her? Is it spiritual or physical?


Next we learn more about the woman. What does Jesus ask her to do in verse 16? How does she answer? Is her answer completely honest? What more do we learn about her in verse 18? How does this tie back to the time of day she was going to the well to draw water? Why might she have been alone?


Given Jesus’ insight, what does the woman conclude in verse 19? What does she leave behind? Where does she go? Who does she talk to? What does she tell them? How is that significant?


This woman came to the well thirsty for well water. She came alone. She came broken. What well of the world do you find yourself going to over and over? What is it that you are expecting when you go? What do you take with you?


What emptiness do you have that only Jesus can fill? What thirst that only He can satisfy? Just like He told the Samaritan woman, this unnamed woman at the well, “I Am He.” He is able. He is enough. Spend some time just resting in Him. Allow His satisfaction wash over you anew. He is. Hallelujah!


Download your outline and verse here and get ready to mark it up!


Rachael Carman

Memorize & Meditate {M&M} Hebrews 12:1-17


September’s M&M is Hebrews 12:1-17. It is difficult (and can lead to misunderstandings) to extract this passage out of the context of the whole book of Hebrews. Please take the time to read the entire book before beginning the study. You might want to do the study over a couple of days so that you can dig deep. Besides, reading and then just thinking about for a day or two will allow the Holy Spirit to teach because He has your attention.


Who wrote Hebrews? It’s not a trick question, but it isn’t clear. Who are some possibilities?



From your reading or other study, what themes emerge as you read the book?  What verses do you recognize?



What is the theme of chapter 11? List the heroes of the faith included here. In verses 32-38, some of the faithful are described but not names. Can you identify any of them? Which hero of the faith stands out to you?



What characteristics of faith are commended here? Verse 40 is poignant, what does it say about



Our passage begins with’ Therefore’. In light of chapter 11, what is this ‘therefore’ there for? Interestingly, there are 24 ‘therefores’ in Hebrews.



Who is our ‘cloud of witnesses’? Many are listed in chapter 11, but who else do you know personally who is in your cloud? I have my Popa Mac and Nana Burt and Coach Johnson. Who do you have?




There are twelve uses of ‘let us’ in Hebrews. Here is verse one, there are two, what are they? There is one implied in verse 2, what is it?

  1. Let us_______________________________________________
  2. Let us_______________________________________________
  3. Let us_______________________________________________


With these admonishments in mind, what are some things/habits that are currently encumbering you, weighing you down and making it hard for you to ‘run the race set before’ you?


What sin is entangling you, keeping you from a right relationship with God?



What do you have your eyes set on instead of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit? What is distracting you from the glory and goodness of God?



Who is Jesus according to verse 2? What do those two terms mean?



Look at Philippians 2.1-11, especially verses5-8. How did Jesus go to the cross? In Hebrews 12.2b what two other are add to the picture of Jesus on the cross? What do each of these descriptions mean?





Where did Jesus return to after His resurrection?



When we get tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated, impatient, or angry, what does verse 3 direct us to do? What difference can this make?



What is discipline? Why is it necessary? Why is it important? How does verses 6-11 describe the purpose of discipline?



How do our children respond when we discipline them? What is our goal as parents when we discipline them? The Lord disciplines those He loves. How do you respond to His disciplining love? Might you consider thanking Him?



Verse 12 begins with the second ‘therefore’ in our passage. What is this ‘therefore’ there for?



In verses 12-16 lists 8 instructions for believers. List them:










Again in this passage we are encouraged to help one another. Verbs like ‘strengthen’, ‘make’, ‘pursue’, and ‘see to it’ call for action. Can you think of someone who needs your help or encouragement? Don’t delay-pray and act today!


Download your outline and verse here and get ready to mark it up! 

Rachael Carman