that child

“That Child” : What they aren’t and what they are

  I want you to think for a moment of the little precious face that is your “that child”. When I am speaking at a women’s event on the topic of “that child”, I’ve started sending around a sheet so that all the moms can put the name of their “that child” on the piece of […]

muddy feet: humility

You Can’t Come in My House with Muddy Feet!

How many times have you seen commercials about this or maybe you’ve experienced this yourself… …your husband or kids (or even the dog) enter your house from outside, either from playing or working, and have muddy feet? And of course, you’ve just cleaned the floor, right? And you say…Don’t come in here with those muddy […]

Humility like I never imagined

Humility I never imagined

A few years ago, I learned about humility in a way I never imagined. I had a great job, working with amazing people. It wasn’t a perfect job, don’t get me wrong.  no one there was perfect and they never expected me to be perfect. Humility In fact, they loved me in spite of my […]


Attitude not Platitudes

This month’s topic is holiness and humility. Each month that I am tasked to write on a given subject, I meditate on the topic at hand, then I reflect on the experiences that God has and continues to use in my life to refine me in that area. When it comes to humility, we tend […]

practicing humility

Practicing Humility

Humility. The topic of practicing humility has been on my heart for a year. Maybe more. What does it look like to be humble? I used to think it meant to be a farmer. Really, I did. No joke. I know that is very wrong. A farmer can be a very proud person. Just as any […]


The Earth is Filled with His Glory

Have you ever prayed the “most dangerous prayer,” as I’ve heard it called by Pastor Rick Warren? Have your lips and your heart ever cried out, “Use Me, Lord!” but you think you’re stuck in an unending season of homeschooling? As I’ve contemplated His holiness and our humility this month to write this to you, dear […]

humility in homeschooling

Humility in Homeschooling

I’m a tri-polar homeschool mom. By “tri-polar,” I mean I tend to bounce between one of three poles: the good, the bad, and the humble. I have “good” days when I think homeschooling is the best choice we’ve ever made for our family and wouldn’t dream of changing a thing! I also have “bad” days […]


Humility Is Not the Same As Unimportant

As a mother, I have been hearing that my position is an honorable one, a selfless one, and a humble one. In fact, I often encourage other moms with those very statements. We can go on Pinterest and see beautiful images of a mom and kids at sunset on the beach or cuddling on the […]

humility living in peace

Live in Horizontal Peace with Vertical Holiness

While attending a ladies day a couple of years ago I heard a lesson on holiness that stuck with me. We were asked to think of the cross. The horizontal post reflects our life here on earth and the vertical post represents our life through eternity. While we are here on earth, we are instructed […]

raising that child

How to bend “That” Child

It is my heart’s passion to encourage you in raising that child. As the mother of at least two, probably more like two or three or four of “Those Children” myself, they really do have my heart. I know how challenging they can be but I also know what a joy and what a privilege […]