Character Quality: Articulate

Character Quality: Articulate with {free} coloring page.

Character Quality: Articulate


It is simply not enough to know what we believe, we must be able to communicate our convictions, our passions, and why we believe to others. Communicating is key to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to others. The message of the cross is simple and life saving.

There are many things that we need to be able to communicate to others. Each of us has been given a voice. We need to use that voice to speak up. We need to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We need to speak up for what is right. We need to speak up for truth, mercy, and honesty.

It can be scary to speak up, to take a stand, to interject our voice into a circumstance. It can be intimidating to dare to suggest forgiveness or even justice, to uphold truth and righteousness.

Teaching our kids to speak at appropriate times, with insight and intelligence should be a priority. Training them to listen first before asking questions and to think before they speak is an important part of child discipleship. It is imperative that our kids practice the art of conversation and even debate. They need to witness hearty disagreements, watch individuals defend their perspectives and opinions, and yet still love each other and keep the relationship intact.

The best way I’ve found to achieve the goal of preparing your child for conversations, confrontations, and conflicts is…drum roll please…everyday interaction. Most people would probably say that the flippant and random conversations they have with their children are pretty meaningless. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Whenever you engage with your child in conversation, you are teaching them. Every conversation they witness, they are studying and learning the rules of this complicated art form. They are learning from what they are personally involved in with your family along with what they are watching on TV and the movies.

So here’s yet another reason to make those family dinners a reality. It’s not just mealtime—nourishment for the body, but it is also nourishment for the mind and soul. It’s an opportunity to discuss the day, current events, and ideas. Some of these conversations will happen naturally, but others will take more work with intentional questions and planned topics.

Becoming articulate is a life-long skill that is to be constantly cultivated. The basics should be taught at home within the context of family all through the day and of course around the table.

Why do your children ask you a million questions? Because when they watch conversations and they notice that questions are the tools adults use to continue communicating. They are merely experimenting with what they have observed when they ask you questions. If you look them in the eyes and really listen to them, guess what? They will practice that also.

It is important for our kids to hear good questions, learn body language and good eye contact. But our kids are also listening to what we are talking about. What do we say? What are the subjects of our conversations? What is important to us? Do you major on the minors or do we talk about things that really matter? Being able to articulate our beliefs, ideas, opinions, and questions is very important. Our kids need to learn how to do this, and you are their example—hopefully life’s best teacher.

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Character Quality: Articulate with {free} coloring page.

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Posted on: November 20, 2015, by : Rachael Carman