Character Quality: Considerate

Character Quality: Considerate with {free} coloring page.

Character Quality: Considerate

Unnamed. Unknown. Unidentified. But not unimportant.

In II Kings 4:8-37 her story is recounted. Yes, her story. It is significant to note that women play a key role in God’s story. Women are not mere bystanders or extras, but rather strong, courageous, determined, and pivotal characters. They make decisions, choose sides, stand up, speak up, and lead. Women as wives, sisters, daughters, and friends influence at best, manipulate at worst.

The Shunammite woman is an example, though unnamed, of a strong woman at her best. She was married but childless. However she had clearly chosen against bitterness and had put her energies into serving others. It is evident in the story that she wasn’t self-centered. She had not allowed the fact that she had no children to drag her down into the pit of despair. She had moved on and chosen to go forward.

The biblical account says that the prophet Elisha and his servant Gehazi came through her area regularly. In response she, a ‘prominent women’, invited them to eat at her house. After some time she had an idea. Scripture simply states: “She said to her husband, ‘I perceive that this is a holy man of God passing by us continually. Please let us make a walled upper chamber…when he comes to us, he can turn in there.’”

Wow. She invited him in, recognized an ongoing need, formulated a solution, presented it to her husband who consented and then carried out her plan. The Shunammite woman was considerate of those around her. In this story she not only considered the needs of the prophet Elisha, but also the authority of her husband. She didn’t run ahead of him, but rather came under him as she boldly laid out her suggestion.

This is a powerful example of a woman who had tremendous influence and effect on her situation. Her act of consideration is a clear indication of her outward and even upward focus. She wasn’t thinking of herself, she wasn’t selfishly motivated. She was simply, purely responding to the prophet’s need of a place to rest. A simple need, a simple solution.

Often our ability to recognize the needs of others and respond to them is impeded by our own selfishness. We focus on what we want and we are unable to see the needs of others. Or we allow a past hurt or loss or disappointment cloud our view, we can’t see past our own pain. We lean into self, into loneliness, into despair. We miss opportunities to see and respond to others needs, opportunities that would bring healing to our own souls.

So, what is obstructing your view? What is it that you can’t seem to see past? What wounding or failure or let down? What is holding you hostage? We are all surrounded by needs. God has given us each other to meet them. Whether they are financial, emotional, material, or social. God has given us each other. Our needs go unmet when we choose to be inwardly focused instead of upwardly focused.

Being considerate is a deliberate choice to live with your eyes wide open to the need of others determined to respond. It means that we choose against allowing our enemy to discourage us into believing that we don’t matter, that we can’t make a difference. We do and we can and others are depending on us.

Let us be courageously considerate. Let us look around us for opportunities to honor God as we serve those He has put in our path.

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Character Quality: Considerate with {free} coloring page.

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