Character Quality: Creativity

Character Quality: Creativity with free coloring page.

Character Quality: Creativity


This character quality is unique from the rest. Creativity is the character quality that God gives each of us. It is the freedom to try something new, to consider a different perspective, to ask questions. Being creative means that we dare to explore outside of the norm. It does not mean that we rebel against God. It does not mean that we reject His love or leadership. It means that we give voice to our distinctive view and express it well.

Creativity strikes fear in many. To them it represents a threat to the truth, to obedience, to peace. But it doesn’t have to. Fresh, new, and original need not mean rebellious, belligerent, or contentious. It can just mean imaginative.

God is the Creator. He is the one who designed each flower, each tree, each creature, each season, each mountain, forest, and beach. He made it all from nothing. His purpose in creating was to bring Himself glory. Likewise, the creativity He granted each of us is to bring Him glory.

When we arrange flowers in a vase, paint a picture, sew a dress, formulate a new recipe, prepare lesson plans, or plan a party, we are exercising our creativity. We need not fear it. Creativity is not bad. Yes, clearly there are some rebellious and sinful behaviors that have been advocated and accepted in the name of creativity. As a result, many have tragically resisted, refused, even opposed creativity — all out of fear.

We should exercise and cultivate our God-given ability to be creative. We need not suppress it or be afraid of it. What can we do to creativity praise the Lord? How can we point others to Him in a brand new way? Each of us is one-of-a-kind. Our viewpoints and experiences are one-of-a-kind. It is to His glory when we use those to reflect His glory and goodness.

As to the Bible characters who exemplified this quality, there are too many to list. In fact, brainstorm a list of people in the Scriptures who praised and glorified God in fresh new ways. There are numerous illustrations: David, Miriam, the Proverbs 31 Woman, Lydia, and Mary (Jesus’ mother) to name a few. I want to be one of them too, don’t you?

FWIW-Last year our family took an art class all together. I have two children who are gifted artists. Conversely, I have never even taken an art class. The extent of my drawing ability has here-to-for been stick figures. But I would like to be able to draw. I have dreamed of being an artist.

That class was much harder than I could have imagined. There was a point when I almost burst into tears and ran from the room. But I didn’t. My kids encouraged me to stick with it. So, I will continue on.

I now have a son in art school. He says the only real difference between what he can produce and what I can produce is time. As an artist he believes that people give up on being artistic before they should. It takes more time then they had thought or hoped it would. Instead of investing more time they give up saying, “I’m just not artistic.”

We are all created in the image of God. I believe we are all creative in some way. Let’s not give up too easily. Let’s explore ways we can uniquely express ourselves to the glory of God. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves. It may not be drawing or painting, it may be writing or singing. It may not be sewing or arranging, it might be organizing or decorating.

Would you like to be more creative? Do you want to get in touch with your creative side? Most of us want our kids to be creative, but we aren’t working on it ourselves. Here are three steps we can practice to cultivate creativity:

Step one: Admire His creation. Spend some time today examining and exploring and appreciating His handiwork. Look at the colors He used, the angles, the arrangement, the lines of detail, the contrasting textures, shadow and light. It’s inspiring.

Step two: Pray. Ask Him to remove your fears and grow your creativity. Ask Him to grow it in your kids. Ask Him to reveal your/your kids unique creative abilities. It’s time that we take back creativity for the purpose it was originally intended—to bring glory to God.

Step three: Just do it! This is probably the hardest of the three steps. Being creative exposes our vulnerability. We feel exposed, open to criticism and ridicule and rejection. These risks can cripple us. This is when we must remember our focus: His glory, not ours!

Let’s dare to be creative, to take the time to explore new ways of doing the same old things. What new creative, artistic venture are you up to these days?

Go be creative!

{Just click on the image below for your {free} coloring page for personal use.}

Character Quality: Creativity with free coloring page.

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