Character Quality: Desperate

Character Quality: Desperate with {free} coloring page!

Character Quality: Desperate

This may not immediately seem like a good character quality, but I argue it is. All of the great heroes of the Bible found God at their most desperate moments, at their most desperate places, and in their most desperate circumstances.
We don’t like the sound of desperate. It sounds weak, vulnerable, hopeless, and discouraging. Desperate situations often seem impossible, bleak, frightening, and desolate. We would much rather be completely confident and competent at all times.
But it is in our desperate circumstances when our back is against the wall, when time has run out, when we’ve exhausted all of our resources, when we’ve given up that God meets us. When life is going along great, we’re on top of our game, everything is falling into place, and we’re batting 1000 that we grow independent of God. We don’t need Him. We’ve got it.
It takes some of us longer to arrive at desperate, but it’s actually quite a liberating place to be. When we live desperate lives, realizing we need God in every aspect, that He is our all in all, that He is in control, then we can live free — free of the restrictions and expectations we place on ourselves.
She isn’t named in the Bible, but she is unforgettable. She was living desperately; she had given up. She had too many scars to count, too many hurts to list, too many betrayals, too many lies. She’d never planned for her life to spiral out of the control the way it had. It had all started out as so much fun. She was free to do whatever she wanted and before she knew it, she wasn’t doing anything she wanted.
Hurt and wounded, scarred and lonely, she grabbed her jar and headed out. There wasn’t anyone to know that she was going. No on cared when she would be back. Her path to the well deliberately avoided shops and bakeries. It took longer than it should have. What did it matter? Who cared?
For years she had successfully gone to the well alone. If she could have never gone again she would have avoided it all together. The emotional and painful memories repelled her; her physical need drew her. So she came. She’d forgotten to check and see if anyone else was there. It had been years since anyone had been there at this hour.
Her wearied posture and down cast eyes told her story. There was no spring in her step, no light in her eyes, no hope, no joy. His voice startled her. Who was He? Why was he talking to her? What was he asking?
The Biblical account of Jesus and the woman at the well is beautiful. There are too many wonderful aspects of this story to discuss here, but don’t miss this one: He met her in her need. He met her where her physical and spiritual needs intersected. She probably wouldn’t have come to hear Him teach. It would have required her to risk being ridiculed — again. She resigned herself to loneliness, and He met her in it.
He met this woman in the depth of her desperation. She was miserable. She had tried to fill her loneliness and misery with men, but only the Son of man could meet her deepest need. She knew when He spoke to her that He was different than the other men she had chased after. He offered her Living Water to quench her thirsty soul. She realized her need and responded, “Give me some of that water!”
We need to live desperate. We need to live lives recognizing our need for Him in every corner, recess, wrinkle, hole, and nook of life — the darkest, deepest, greatest needs.
Let us dare to live in such a way to realize our need for Him. May we dare to seek Him, ask Him, listen to Him, desire Him, submit to Him, and sacrifice for Him. May we resist the temptation to be self-sufficient and independent of Him. May we refuse to be everything for our kids, but instead point them to Him as their Answer in their time of need.
May we, like the woman at the well, thirst for the Living Water and may it alone satisfy us. May we not seek to substitute our husbands, children, friends, possessions, or positions for Him. May we determine the keep Him on the throne of our hearts and live desperate lives, dependent on Him Who alone is Worthy and Able.
He is our Answer, our Hope, our Joy. He is our Strength, our Peace, our Song. He is our Shield, our Defender, our Refuge, our Light, and our Salvation. He is our Redeemer and our Friend. He is enough for all of our needs. He is the Good Shepherd, the True Vine, the Light of the world, and the great I Am.
Here’s the deal: we don’t need another piece of chocolate or a new dress or a different friend or bigger house or a new husband. None of those can answer the cry of my heart. None of those can fill my emptiness. Too often we wait for our circumstances to crash before we acknowledge that He is what we really need.
Are you ready to take on this character quality? Be desperate!
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Character Quality: Desperate with {free} coloring page!

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