Character Quality: Diligent

Character Quality: Diligent

Character Quality: Diligent

Diligence is what separates the men from the boys. It’s the hallmark of maturity. Starting a task is difficult, but finishing it more so. Often starting is accompanied by lots of excitement and energy. Finishing means working in spite of boredom and exhaustion.

Examples of diligence appear throughout Scripture. Hebrews 11 is the classic passage listing the faithful.  Noah, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Peter, and Paul all demonstrated diligence. All of them had a task and a responsibility they were charged to carry out.

I imagine that starting the ark must have been exciting, but 120 years is a long time to take to build it. I imagine leading the Israelites out of Egypt was initially thrilling, but I’m thinking that the 40 years wore on. God made his attack plan clear, and it must have been thrilling, but finishing his duty must have taken tremendous determination to finally claim the Promise Land God had promised.

In the New Testament both Peter and Paul were given foundational roles in establishing the church. The excitement of the Day of Pentecost followed by intense persecution and then the conversion of the leading enemy of the church. It was an exciting time. But there must have been times when the leaders were tempted to give up and quit.

The writer of Proverbs discusses diligence throughout the book. Diligence is the solution to slothfulness, the secret to success, the key to keeping company with kings. Diligence is a character quality that is the result of several other qualities working in concert. It requires determination, discernment, and decisiveness.

Let’s raise kids who know what diligence and who know how to put it into action. It starts with little things like picking up their room, or folding the towels, or sweeping a floor. We need to start teaching them diligence when they are young and then build on it as they get older. Teaching diligence sets the stage for raising responsible students. Diligence should not be a character quality we wait to teach when our kids are teenagers. We need to start as soon as possible.

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