Character Quality: Endurance

Character Quality: Endurance

Character Quality: Endurance


As the forerunner of Christ, his purpose was clear. As prophesized by Isaiah in the Old Testament John the Baptist was to, “prepare the way of the Lord.” John’s life purpose was to point the people to Christ. At first he didn’t know who the Christ was.

I think I could argue that it should have been easier for John. He was focused on his task, he sacrificed for it; he was faithful in his actions. But none of it was easy. John lived in the wilderness. The people came to see him there to hear him preach. He spoke the truth and called his audience to repentance. The leaders were critical of him, but he continued on. He endured.

Then when Jesus, the Christ came to be baptized, John recognized him as the Lamb of God and declared Him to be the one to “take away the sin of the world.” Humbly he baptized Jesus and then encouraged his disciples to follow Him.

But just because Jesus appeared didn’t mean that John disappeared. John continued on in his ministry of declaring truth. He continued to teach in the wilderness. His purpose hadn’t changed. He kept on teaching the people about their need for Christ.

John endured the wilderness, its heat and loneliness. He endured criticism from the religious elite. He endured because he kept his focus clear and sharp. He didn’t waiver. He didn’t compromise. He didn’t relent. He set his mind. He focused and no matter what happened, he continued to fulfill the charge given him as the voice calling in the wilderness. After he had baptized Jesus, he told his followers to follow Jesus he continued to stand upon the truth. He confronted.

We are not called to quick, easy or convenient. We are called to focus and go forward faithfully no matter what. We, like John, must keep our eyes focused on Christ. We must not allow the distractions of everyday, the mundane responsibilities, the full schedules to blur our focus. In doing so we will face challenges and difficulties; these we much endure. Our focus will grant us the ability to endure as we allow the power of the Holy Spirit and the peace which transcends all understanding to permeate our words and actions.

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Character Quality: Endurance

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