Character Quality: Generosity

Character Quality: Generosity from by Rachael Carman

Character Quality: Generosity

He didn’t have to. No one would have known. He had been blessed. People respected Him. Working for him was a pleasure. Taking advantage of him was unthinkable. He was kind. It wasn’t unusual to see him in the fields alongside of his workers. He never harassed them; rather he harvested with them. His laughter rang out as regular as the rhythm of the slashing of the grain.
His compassion for the poor was widely known. Gleaning in his field meant arms full of grain at the end of a long and hard day’s work. He knew where his abundance came from. He knew it wasn’t his to keep or hoard. Pushing and shoving were unnecessary; there was plenty to glean for everyone.
The sun peaked over the horizon as the workers gathered. A perfect day dawned, and with it an enthusiasm for the work at hand. A crisp April morning meant the beginning of the barley harvest.
Boaz awoke before the sun anticipating the excitement of the day. He had already walked the fields in the predawn hours thanking God for the abundant crop. The workers were also anxious to get to work. Celebration marked this day; expectations ran high.
He greeted each worker (some who had labored in his fields for years). For some it would be their fist harvest. Naturally they formed into teams and after a brief address from their Master, the harvest began.
As the Master of the fields, he looked on with pleasure, watching the laborers work in teams to bring in the sheaves. There was nothing like the sound of the barely being cut. The smell of its freshness filled the air, intensifying as the sun rose.
He didn’t see her when she came in and joined the other gleaners. In the initial rush to begin, she just blended in. But as he surveyed the progress mid-morning he saw her. How had he missed her? He asked his foreman who she was and insisted that she be watched and protected.
You know the rest of the story. Boy meets girl, or in this case, wealthy land owner meets widow. But this story is different. In this story Boaz exhibits generosity. He shares all he has with his family. He had a choice and he chose to share not only his possessions but also his name. He understood where his blessings came from and that they were given and entrusted to him to share with others. God honored his choice. Boaz and Ruth became King David’s great-grandparents.
What about you and me? What has God given or entrusted to us that He desires us to share with others? Everything we have is from Him. Everything. He has given it to us to share and in so doing to point others to Him. It glorifies Him when we share His gifts with others.
Father, Thank You for all that You have given to me. Everything I have is from Your hand. I don’t deserve any of it. I didn’t earn any of it. You have blessed me beyond measure. Father, open my eyes to opportunities to share with others. Father, I desire to honor and glorify You by sharing with others. Show me who, show me when, show me how. Beyond the stuff, people need a Savior. Of all the things I can share, grant me the strength to share You. I love you so.

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Character Quality: Generosity from by Rachael Carman a Blog by Rachael Carman


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