Character Quality: Hospitable

Character Quality: Hospitable with free coloring page.

Character Quality: Hospitable

Do you remember going over and eating at other people’s houses? I sure do. Many Sunday afternoons especially, we shared a meal with other families. It was rarely at a restaurant as we didn’t have the money for such extravagance. No, it was actually at someone’s house. But just in the course of my lifetime, the art of hospitality has been lost. We have surrendered to eating ‘out’ instead.

There is something about going into someone’s home.

Something special.

Something personal.

Something genuine.

Something honest.

Something real.

Something open.

Something bonding.

Something humble.

So why have be abandoned it? Why don’t we have people over? Why would we rather meet somewhere, anywhere, but at our home? I believe there are several reasons:

1. We just don’t get it.

2. We’re too busy.

3. We think it all has to be perfect.

4. We don’t know how.

5. We are afraid.

Practicing hospitality is a command in scripture, not a suggestion.  Just like we are told to forgive and to be kind and to love, we are told to be hospitable. We are supposed to have each other into our homes for the purpose of encouraging one another, fellowshipping as believers. When we throw open the doors of our homes we throw open our hearts. Yes it makes us feel vulnerable, but that is what we are called to, laying down our lives for others. Real ministry happens in homes.

So how do we turn it around? Where do we start? Here are some suggestions:

1.  Remember it’s all about Him.  When we keep our focus on Him and Him alone and remember following Him means our focus is consistently Him and only Him. Practicing hospitality is about Jesus. It is about being willing to invest in the lives of others, to take the time.

2.  Remember it’s all from Him. We must remember that everything we have has been given to us. He has entrusted us with our homes. We have not earned it. We don’t deserve it. We are called to share it.

3.  Remember it’s all through Him. We need to admit that we can’t do this perfectly so that we can free ourselves to do it for His glory. We don’t have to have perfectly clean houses or perfectly planned menus to be pleasing to the Lord. We just need to allow Him to shine through us.

May we throw open the doors of our homes for the glory of Lord.

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Character Quality: Hospitable with free coloring page.


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