Character Quality: Integrity

Character Quality: Integrity with {free} coloring page.

Character Quality: Integrity

Integrity is who you really are. Your center, when the lights are off, when no one can see or hear. What do you really think about? Are you really pursuing God or have you just gotten really good at making it look like you are? Are you really honest or are you a great illusionist? Are you really interested in others or only to the extent that they make you look good or do you a favor.

Who are we when no one is watching? When we forget some One always is? Do we exaggerate? Cheat? Fudge? Will we sneak?

A life of integrity is: focused on the Lord, resolved to honor Him, confident in His plan. Enoch lived a life of integrity. Scripture simply states, “Enoch walked with God.”(The only other Bible character said to have walked with God was Noah.)

To have integrity is to have courage to live honestly. It means you don’t have to keep complicated records of what you’ve said to who or what you’ve done and why. Integrity means that you live your life free of the bondage of lies and manipulation, arrogance and selfishness.

Most of us want to live with integrity. We want others to respect and trust us. We want to be known as people who do the right thing no matter what. We get in trouble when we feel threatened, when we feel backed into a corner, when we feel vulnerable or lost or panicked. These are times when we’ve lost our focus. Maybe the fog has rolled in or the storm is raging or there are too many distractions-no matter-we are disoriented.

We don’t set out to be deceptive or corrupt. We don’t want to be characterized as dishonest or duplicitous, a cheat or a crook. In fact, loosing our integrity usually doesn’t happen over night. It happens in bits and pieces, at weak places and at moments when we are caught off guard.

To live life with character, we must first be focused on the Lord. Looking to Him as our hope, acknowledging Him as our Master, depending on Him for wisdom, trusting His guidance, these daily practices and disciplines set our minds on Him. It is this focus on Him that strengthens us to live our daily lives with integrity, not because we can, but that He does through us.

Next, living with integrity means we resolve to honor God in all things. When we set as our goal to bring glory to God in all we do and say, we live authentically. We choose to be kind, generous, patient and forgiving because it honors God. Not because we believe that God will be angry or punish us if we don’t exhibit such character, but because we love Him and want Him to be glorified through us.

When we live with integrity, we show our confidence in God and His plan. Often people compromise their integrity because they doubt God, they don’t believe He can, that He will. Because of their fear, they choose to be dishonest, to lie, cheat, steal. Not because they are malicious or hateful but simply because they don’t trust that God is in control.

In order to live with integrity, we must choose to trust God, His will, His plan, His way. We must choose to believe that He’s got it, “the whole world in His hands” as the song goes. He is sovereign over all creation and time. If we believe that, we will live with integrity, doing what we know to be right and true and good even if it looks foolish or silly to the world.


You desire that we live lives of integrity. It seems impossible to us to be honest and selfless. Often the little things don’t seem to matter. But God we know that our honesty in the big and little things matters to You because You care about our hearts. Teach us what it means to focus on You instead of ourselves, to honor You in all we say and do, and to trust You and Your plan. You are good and Your ways are just. Strengthen us to be bright lights because we are walking in the light of Your truth. Amen

“Search me, God, and know my heart;

    test me and know my anxious thoughts.

See if there is any offensive way in me,

    and lead me in the way everlasting. “

Psalm 139.23-24

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Character Quality: Integrity with {free} coloring page.

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