Character Quality: Purity

Character Quality: Purity

Character Quality: Purity

Like all of the other character qualities, purity starts with us as moms. Purity has almost been killed off in American culture because it is seen as stifling to our freedoms and our rights. But our freedom in Christ is more important than our freedom as American citizens. We need to re-establish purity as a standard for ourselves and our children so that we may live lives which are holy and blameless in the sight of God.

In the past few years there has been a strong push for purity in our foods. Organic produce and free-range beef and poultry are in high demand. Many of us have become label readers, and we research what the additives are in foods. We have been able to solve many physical issues related to chemical additives by avoiding them and eating healthier. The products and chemicals that were routinely used in past generations to boost harvest and control pests are now often shunned.

Pure water and air—these are things we take for granted in the modernized countries. But in the third-world millions die each year simply because of contaminated drinking water. In the US we have pushed for laws to purify our breathing air and have successfully outlawed smoking in many public places including hospitals and airports. We readily recognize the dangers inherent with impure water and air.

We demand purity in our food. We demand purity in our water. We demand purity in our air. God demands purity in our hearts, in our speech, in our thoughts, in our actions. His standard is above ours. Impurities in our foods, water, and air pose real threats to our physical health that should not be ignored. But God is concerned with our spiritual health.

We are the Bride of Christ. As such we are charged to be pure. We are to guard ourselves against being stained by the sin of the world. We are to strive to live holy lives devoted to the Bride Groom. The Bible instructs us to avoid the temptations of the world.

The Bride of Christ is to be pure, undefiled, without stain, clean, innocent, and virtuous.

Purity begins in the heart and mind. Scripture encourages us to guard our hearts and to set our minds on things above. By guarding our hearts we actively attend to the dangers and temptations that would corrupt our motives or actions. Setting our mind on things above helps us focus our thoughts on the holiness of God.

Think about and meditating on the characteristics of God — His holiness, grace, faithfulness, love, mercy, and kindness toward us. Self-discipline is required to control and maintain such a focus. We must value purity and determine to maintain it in our hearts and minds. When it is present, our actions will follow.

Philippians 4:8 admonishes us to “think on these things.” Paul lists qualifications for the ideas and subjects which should dominate our thoughts—things that are “true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.” We are to set our minds on things which are “excellent and praise worthy.” As we do we are setting up standards for our actions.

I want to challenge us to make sure we are not so distracted by the impurities in foods and so determined to educate ourselves on the ingredients in what we buy at the store that we neglect our hearts and minds. We must be devoted to purity in our minds, in our hearts, and in our actions.

If you have gone organic, then your kids know what you don’t buy anymore in the name of eating better. Is there anything you need to get rid of or avoid in the name of spiritual purity? For the sake of our spiritual health could they name some things you don’t do anymore, places you don’t go anymore, books you don’t read anymore, or shows you don’t watch anymore? For purity’s sake I pray it is so.

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Posted on: October 11, 2013, by : Rachael Carman