Character Quality: Resolved

Character Quality: Resolved with free coloring page.

Character Quality: Resolved

Most people live out their lives aimlessly and without purpose, focus, or a plan. They allow life circumstances to shape their choices and direction. Life’s challenges and obstacles can easily overwhelm them. Instead of committed determination or resolve on a course, they are tossed around by the wind.

He was probably just a young man, maybe fourteen years old. The prophet had already predicted the Babylonian exile. Even after being chosen by the king’s officials as one who would be trained to be part of the royal counselors, torn from his family and stripped of his name, he resolved to honor God. This person of resolve was Daniel.

His Babylonian captors tried to mold him to into what they wanted him to be. But Daniel determined to hold onto what he had been taught about life and godliness. They changed his name, laid before him the abundance of the land, and taught him about their values, literature, and culture. Daniel was an excellent student, and rose to become one of the king’s most trusted advisors.

But the secret to Daniel’s success was not his intelligence. It was his resolve. Daniel continued to obey God when the pressure was intense. He prayed through it all. In fact, after he was an established and respected man, his rivals tried to get rid of him. In trying to figure out a way to set him up, they used his devotion to God, specifically his prayer life, to accuse him.

Daniel’s resolve didn’t make life easier for him. He had plenty of hardships. Daniel’s resolve did set the direction for the course of his life. Because of his determination to honor God by seeking and doing His will, Daniel faced the lions’ den and the loneliness that often accompanies commitment. Resolve separates the men from the boys. It distinguishes those who merely like the sound of standing firm from those who actually stand.

Resolve is often tested. True resolve stands no matter the threat, consequences, or situation. Resolves says, in the words of Martin Luther, “Here I stand, I can do nothing less.”

As we look forward into the year, we need to resolve to stand on the truth of Jesus Christ, on the Truth of God’s word, on the hope of His return and our entry into a new and heavenly home. Our resolve should reflect our love of Him, our devotion to Him, and our desire for Him.

What are you resolved to do this year?

I pray that it is to glorify Him in all you say and do, to love Him with all of your heart, with all of our soul, with all of your mind, and with all of your strength. Related I pray that your plan is to love our neighbor as yourself. I pray that you will stand firm on what you know to be true: Jesus is Lord of all. He has paid the price of sin. He wants to be your personal Savior. He is coming again soon.

I pray you plan to be resolved!

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Character Quality: Resolved with free coloring page.

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