Character Quality: Sensitive

Character Quality: Sensitive with {free} download

Character Quality: Sensitive

All character qualities are interdependent. To pursue any of them requires the pursuit of all of them.

Being kind, gentle, selfless, attentive, prayerful, and respectful, as well as humble, flexible, generous, confident, nurturing, and genuine all contribute to a person’s ability to be sensitive. Since being sensitive is all about paying attention to others, it begins with being selfless. Selfishness is often the obtuse barrier to sensitivity. Wanting something our own way inhibits our ability to be sensitive to others around us. We spend so much time taking care of ourselves that we don’t even notice any one around us.

A sensitive person walks into a room fully aware of others. They pay attention to others and consider their needs. They enter wanting to encourage someone, to listen to someone, to help someone. When they are with others, their focus is the other person. They realize the importance of active engagement with those who are left out, criticized, or shy. A sensitive person isn’t insistent on their way, their opinion, or their interests. Rather, they are genuinely interested in what others have to say.

Sensitivity is work. It is much easier to be insensitive, to be brash, domineering, and thoughtless. Sometimes the call to be sensitive can be confused with being passive or even a push over, possibly weak. In fact, being sensitive isn’t for wimps. It takes strength to be sensitive and to lay aside what I want to do or say because of someone else.

As a Christian we have daily opportunities to practice sensitivity. These are moments to listen to and submit to the Holy Spirit of God who is alive in us. When it comes to our interactions with others, this means that we don’t think of ourselves first. Instead, we think of others before ourselves. When it comes to the Holy Spirit, it means that we allow Him to lead us, that we don’t ignore that still, small, voice and His promptings, His guidance, and His direction. When we choose to be sensitive to Him, it affects our every thoughts, words, and actions. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit changes everything.

Jeremiah was sensitive to the needs of God’s people. He didn’t insist on his way or his comfort or his position. He was concerned about others. This required that he be selfless, intentional, kind, confident, strong, and dependable. You can read more about Jeremiah in the Old Testament book by the same name. Jeremiah was sensitive not only to the people around him, but also to God. When we practice being sensitive to God, then being sensitive to others comes more naturally.

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Character Quality: Sensitive with {free} download

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