Character Quality: Submissive

 Character Quality: Submissive with free coloring page.

Character Quality: Submissive

Here’s a word that culture has hijacked. While it is a beautiful word in the Bible as it refers to coming under God’s authority over our lives through our relationship with Him and others, many of the world’s associations are negative.

Learning how to submit to authority begins with our submission to God, the ultimate authority.  

It is not difficult to understand why submission gets a bad rap. Sin. Because there is sin in the world, leaders and authorities fall short of perfection. They can become arrogant, selfish, and demanding. Sometimes they take advantage of their position and demean, abuse, or wound those they should be selflessly loving and caring.

God is love. He has displayed His love for us not only through His beautiful creation, but in the gift of Jesus His Son, Who died on the cross to save us. As King of the universe, He is in control and sovereign over all things. God is our ultimate authority and He is worthy of our worship and our submission.

God is perfect. There is not fault in Him. All of His actions are perfect. His law, His word, His plan, His will are all without flaw. Though we may not always understand Him, He remains holy.

God is sovereign. This means that He is in control. We can be confident that He will work all things for our good and His glory. Nothing surprises Him. He knows what He is doing even when it doesn’t make sense to us.

The more we come to know, understand and embrace the nature of God, the more we realize the importance of submission to His will. When we rest in the knowledge that He is the Master of the universe, Who holds it all together, Who redeems all of our mistakes, and restores the years the locusts have eaten, then we can begin to stop demanding our will or that His will makes sense to us.

As we progress through our sanctification here on earth, the opportunities to practice submissiveness abound. When accidents happen or the unexpected or interruptions or disasters or death suddenly invade our lives, we can choose to rest in Him, to submit to His plan. Through it all we can know that we can trust Him.

Submission means that we willingly come under His authority in our lives. We don’t fight Him or argue with Him or question Him. We may do these things in our grief and confusion. The Psalmist struggled and wrestled. But we don’t need to stay there. We can progress through it. It means that we joyfully obey Him when He directs, guides, and calls.

Submitting supersedes feelings. Whether or not we feel like obeying is beside the point. We submit because He is in authority over us and because we choose to trust that He knows best. We know He loves us, and we need to act like we know it.

Being submissive under God’s authority (or any authority He puts over us) is a safe place to be. Since He is sovereign over all things and works all things together for our good, we can trust Him. Being submissive is choosing to relinquish my rights in light of His authority. It means that I trust Him to take care of me, instead of trying to control everything around me.

Some of my favorite hymns of submission include:

All to Jesus I Surrender

Take my Life and Let it Be

Where He Leads Me I will Follow

Anywhere with Jesus I Can Safely Go

Sing to Him today. Submit to all He has planned. He is Worthy.

{Simply click the image below to download your free Character Quality: Submissive coloring page.}

Character Quality: Submissive with free coloring page.


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