Character Quality: Teachable

 Character Quality: Teachable

Character Quality: Teachable

Over and over in the Psalms, the writer requests that God teach him. Most of us struggle with being teachable. I believe we wrestle with it because of our pride. We think we’ve got it all figured out. Like the toddler who insists on buttoning his shirt when his chubby little fingers don’t have the dexterity to do so.

Being teachable is not passive; it is active. In order to be teachable our minds must be actively engaged. We must choose to be teachable. In some circumstances we may find it easy to be teachable, but in others we might resist.

Mary, who was Martha and Lazarus’ sister, choose to be teachable. In fact, she was so intent on listening to the Teacher that she abandoned her responsibilities in the kitchen to sit at His feet. In Luke 10:41 Jesus remarked about her choice by saying, “Mary has chosen what is better.”

Based on Mary’s example and other Bible studies, here are six steps to becoming more teachable. Remember, we cannot expect our kids to be teachable if we are not. These are steps we can take to become more teachable and then teach them to our kids—first by our example and then through actual discipleship.

1.  Demonstrate humility. In order to begin the process of becoming teachable we must humble ourselves. We must set our pride and arrogance aside and be willing to be taught and to come under the authority of someone else.

2.  Admit our need or desire. After we humble ourselves, we need to acknowledge our short-coming, deficiency, or ignorance. We cannot be taught if we insist on denying our need.

3.  Practice intentional listening. At the heart of teach-ability is listening. We cannot listen when we are continually talking. It is when we are quiet and focused that we can be taught.

4.  Encourage questions. As the teachers we need to welcome questions and neither ignore or belittle the inquirer. Asking questions lead to discussion and interaction and ultimately a clearer understanding.

5.  Model change. When we learn a new skill or concept, we change. Depending on what we learn, the change can be significant. Many are resistant to change, but it is the hallmark of being teachable—being willing to be changed and to be different from where we were before.

We are all choosers. Every day we have opportunities to make decisions as to whether or not we are going to allow the master Potter to mold us or not. His goal is to form us into the image of His Son. He will not force us to cooperate. It is His desire that we submit as He shapes us.

May the Psalmist’s words be our hearts’ cry, “Teach me Your ways Oh Lord that I may walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name.”

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