Character Quality: Truthful

Character Quality: Truthful with a free coloring page.

Character Quality: Truthful

Telling it like it is.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Pause for a moment and consider what our marriages, families, communities, churches would look like if we just, simply told the truth. What if business executives, elected officials and ministry leaders practiced honesty? It would make a profound difference. It would be the interjection of bold courageous behavior. It would change our actions and interactions. It would glorify God.

But here in the fallen world, while the Lord tarries, we neglect the truth, abuse it, ignore it, even refuse it. Truth isn’t popular. We might think we want it, need it, but it often stings, sometimes wounds even if spoken in grace. So we avoid it, justify its opposite and accept lies as normal, necessary.

We act as if our dishonesty doesn’t matter, doesn’t hurt anyone. It really isn’t that important is it? I mean really?


Take the story of David’s sin with Bathsheba and the prophet Nathan. In this particular biblical account, David isn’t the hero, but rather the sinner. David isn’t where he’s suppose to be (II Samuel 11.1). He is restless, wandering, without purpose or focus and he sins.

In a effort to cover up his sin he plots to cover it up, first by deception, then with murder and finally a contrived marriage. So deep into self delusion as a result of his lies, he continues on, thinking he did it, it covered it, no one knows.

Then the Lord sent the prophet Nathan to David (II Samuel 12.1). Nathan uses a story to make the ugliness of the situation clear even to blind David. The story makes clear that what David has done is wrong, inexcusable. In face, David himself says that the guilty party should be put to death.

It is at that point that Nathan, having masterfully set up the situation, says to David, “Thou art the man.” Or more clearly, “It’s you David! You’re the guilty one here-wake up!” Nathans declaration of that truth of what happened, that David had sinned and that God saw it shocked David back into reality. It hadn’t gone unnoticed as David had thought.

Immediately convicted, David declared, “I have sinned against the Lord”.

That is the same bottom line truth in all of our lives. We have all sinned against the Lord (Romans 3.23). This is the first and foremost truth that we must deal with in our lives. The issues of sin is what makes the gospel message so compelling to the sinner. Without sin the Good News is a mute point. Who needs it?

We must be truthful with ourselves. We have sinned and when we do, it is against a holy, mighty God. And our sin has consequences. Gone undealt with our sin will lead us to an eternal hell, a place where there is no God. But when we are truthful about our sinful state, His grace compels us to receive Him as Savior and Lord.

Teaching our children to be truthful is the foundation. We must teach them to be honest about what they have done, to tell it like it really is. They really are sinners in need of a Savior. From there we teach them the importance of being truthful about what they do and don’t do. As they learn to face and own their actions and words, they grow into people who make profound differences in the world.

Truth matters. May we teach live it, teach it, embrace it and encourage it.

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Character Quality: Truthful with a free coloring page.

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Posted on: March 20, 2015, by : Rachael Carman