Finding Purpose Amidst Diapers

After spending a decade babysitting other people’s children, I couldn’t wait to jump head first into Motherhood. I had a rose-colored dream of the days I would spend raising my own children and the kind of mother I would be.

Motherhood turned out to be a lot more chaotic, messy, and draining than I ever imagined. Many days feel much more like survival than fulfilling a great purpose.


Motherhood truly is one of life’s greatest callings. Raising children who love Jesus impacts not only your own child but also future generations. However, in the middle of diapers, meals, messes, and chores it’s so easy to feel like an unimportant maid rather than a woman with a purpose.

When you are feeling adrift in the chaos of motherhood, how do you find your purpose amidst the day-to-day tasks? A few suggestions:

  1. Own the now. Give yourself credit for what you are doing right now, even when life is chaotic. What are you teaching your children about Jesus by nurturing and caring for them every day? Brushing hair with a tender hand shows the big picture of God’s tender care. Setting boundaries and sticking to them teaches your children about God’s guidance and loving discipline. When you stop to think about it, I bet you’ll realize you have more impact already than you ever realized.
  2. Make a list of your NOW purpose(s). Take several days to pray and think about your purpose during your current life stage. Give yourself credit for the things you are already doing. Make a plan for the ones you aren’t. Look at your list and find the “low hanging fruit”- the easiest thing you aren’t currently doing – on that list. Make a plan and begin fulfilling that purpose. After checking that one off the list, continue choosing and planning to add more of those goals into your life.
  3. Make a list of what you think might be your future purpose. Maybe you have a heart for caring for the elderly or want to write a book for new mothers. Often narrowing down those future purposes is the easy part, the hard part is feeling inadequate because your current stage of life doesn’t allow you to throw yourself at those purposes. Put this list behind your NOW Purpose list and try to mostly let it go for a season.
  4. Prepare for the future while remembering that at this moment your NOW is most important, even if it feels less than the purpose you hope for in the future. God has you where you are right now, even if it’s drowning in diapers, for a reason. He is preparing you for the future purposes He has for you while you are fulfilling the NOW purposes He has for you. Your children aren’t the only ones being equipped for their future purposes during this busy motherhood season. Spend what extra time you do have in the Word learning more and more. Practice those skills you will need for those future goals. Do the small things now that will prepare you for the bigger things later.

Most of all remember that your NOW purpose is actually fulfilling a much greater future purpose, as you equip your children to one day fulfill their own purposes! Think of the huge impact your children will have on the world because you poured into them day after day after day.

Amanda McDowell
I’m a homeschooling, blogging, adventuring Momma. My life is definitely busy, but I work hard to be intentional in spite of the craziness that is Motherhood. I love to share things I’ve learned along the way during this Motherhood journey- including being a mom-of-many, homeschooling, single motherhood.
Posted on: November 27, 2017, by : Amanda McDowell