M&M’s All Year Long

M&M's All Year Long with {free} printables from www.HisSunflower.com by Rachael Carman

M&M All Year Long

I wrote about my love for candy M&Ms in a post late last year. In that article I explained that M&M reminds to Meditate on and Memorize God’s word. In other words, not only are M&Ms a tasty treat for me, but it prompts me to remember the importance of marinating on Scripture, food for my soul.
I have been taking some time to reflect on 2013 and look forward to 2014. A couple of years ago I adopted a simple list of categories for goals: spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, social, As I was working on my own personal resolutions for the New Year, I knew that I wanted to have more time for M&M.
This last year had some rough spots — really rough. The year also held some great celebrations and achievements. In both instances the power of M&M ministered to me. In the hard places it comforted me. In the joyous places it strengthen me. Jesus reiterated over and over the connection between knowing Him, knowing the Father, abiding in His word, and keeping His commandments. In I John, the author writes that it is by a knowledge of Jesus (His Word) that the Father flows our love and obedience for God as well as our love for others.
Here is why M&M is so important. If we do not or choose not to spend time in His word, to meditate on it, to memorize it, to marinate in it, then we cannot come to know Him intimately. We can know of Him or about Him or both, but we cannot know Him as our personal Friend and Savior. If we choose to relegate our Bibles to Sunday morning props, then we choose against the power, comfort, encouragement, strength, affirmation, hope, and joy that the message of God holds.
You may be saying this isn’t for me or I can’t memorize. “I’ve tried,” you say. I used to think that too. In the past I bought that lie. Here’s the deal: that is exactly what the enemy of your soul wants you to believe. Satan wants you to choose against even trying. He whispers in your ear over and over that you can’t. The Word says he is a liar, the father of lies. So if satan tells you that you cannot memorize Scripture, what is that statement? A lie, of course! It’s time we stop listening to our adversary who desires to keep us captive in discouragement, despair, and doom. It’s time for us to live the liberated lives God desires for us. It’s time to take a deep breath of fresh air and choose life abundant, found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s time we choose to love the LORD our God with all of our minds.
So I am inviting you to a year-long challenge with me. I have chosen a Scripture for each of the twelve months in 2014. Some of these may be familiar, others may be new, but I am confident that God will richly bless us as we seek to M&M — meditate and memorize. Just think about all of the truth you will have stored up in your heart if you dare to accept this challenge! God speaks through His word. With the new year upon us, let’s resolve to engage our minds in something that will not return void, cannot be stolen, and will reap a harvest. This will bless everyone around us and is sure to strengthen our relationship with our Savior.
Here are a variety of suggestions for M&M. This is intended as a starting point, but not a legalistic formula or burden. It is simply a way to approach the Scripture. These ventures into M&M are to be enjoyed!
  • Read the Scripture in several different versions
  • Choose which one you are going to focus on
  • Write out the passage
  • Mark it up! I know some of you don’t want to actually write in your Bible, but there are two primary things I would suggest you mark: verbs, repeating words/phrases, and any lists.
  • Keep a copy of the passage with you
  • Post it on your mirror and other places so that you will see it daily
  • Read it aloud and emphasis different words/phrases
  • Record yourself saying it on your smart phone and practice saying it with your recording
  • Invite a friend or your family to M&M with you
  • Note what you learn about God, how He speaks to you, or opportunities you have to share the passage or insights in the passage with someone else
I will be writing/vloging about what God is teaching me through these passages.  Stay in touch and tell me about your journey. FWIW I do not have all of these memorized either. Some are new challenges for myself. This is a list of some verses I believe will bless all of us!
Who’s with me? Does anyone need some hope? Direction? Joy? Strength?  Let me know in the comments when you join in!
The Psalmist writes that God’s word and His decrees are sweeter than honey.
“Come Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8
After you’re done, would you consider sharing how you are planning to make memorizing & mediatating the scriptures apart of your daily life?
Here’s How It Works:
  1. Leave a comment letting me know you are joining in and how you plan to incorporate this M&M in your daily life.
  2. If you’re a blogger, consider writing a post about the M&M All Year Long and how you are incorporating this daily. You can link it up below.
  3. If you can, take a moment to bless another mom by leaving a written prayer for her in the comments.

2014 M&M Schedule

January – Psalm 1
February – I Corinthians 13
March – Psalm 23
April – Isaiah 53
May – Proverbs 4:20-27
June – John 10.1-18
July – Romans 8.1-8
August – Philippians 2.1-15
September – Psalms 121
October – Ephesians 6.10-20
November – Psalms 103
December – Luke 2.1-20
Download your free journal pages here.  Choose from a full sheet to write out the entire chapter, half page or 4×6 cards for individual verses – or all three!
Full size journal page
M&M's All Year Long with {free} printables from www.HisSunflower.com by Rachael Carman
Half Page Journal
M&M's All Year Long with {free} printables from www.HisSunflower.com by Rachael Carman
4×6 Cards (print on card stock for extra durablility and keep in your purse, Bible, planner)
M&M's All Year Long with {free} printables from www.HisSunflower.com by Rachael Carman
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Posted on: January 13, 2014, by : Rachael Carman

7 thoughts on “M&M’s All Year Long

  1. I plan to start M & M and will have my kids memorize with me. I need something simple with 6 small kids in the home ! Excited about this!

  2. 3 part plan to initiate M&M: 1) In my daily morning quiet time I will read it and write it EVERY day. 2) Assign it to my 3 girls to memorize ( thus guaranteeing hearing it multiple times daily:)) 3)Tell my woman’s group I am doing it for accountability!
    Love your blog and this plan..thanks!!

  3. I’m in! Already working on Psalm 1 this week. Going to read daily and post in kitchen, where I spend the majority of my life! And I plan to be accountable to Teresa ( ok Teresa?)

  4. I am blogging about my journey with the M&M project this year. Psalm 1 has always been close to my heart, so it is an easier passage for me to memorize, but I am learning much!

  5. in a new Bible study group, we’re also memorizing a passage and I can’t wait to share this idea with them…. Going to make little packs of m&m’s for them with the passage and info on meditating and memorizing. a great reminder! thanks

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