The Mediator We So Desperately Need

For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:5

You and I are in desperate need of a mediator. Yes, as Christians and adopted sons and daughters of the Most High, we are encouraged to approach the throne of grace with confidence (Hebrews 4:16). But sin still gets in our way. Every time we choose to indulge our fleshly desires instead of choosing to do God’s will, we distance ourselves from the Father.


We need someone to speak for us, to advocate for us before a holy God—someone who is blameless and without sin.

Jesus is your Mediator to God the Father.

Just as a mediator works to resolve a dispute between two parties, so Jesus is your Mediator. Although you were once an enemy of God (Romans 5:10), Jesus has reconciled you to the Father and made peace between you through His death on the cross (Hebrews 9:15).

Just as a mediator works on your behalf as a go-between, a liaison to communicate or transfer information between you and another person, so Jesus is your Mediator. He makes it possible for you to talk with the Father. That’s one reason why we pray in Jesus’ name.

Just as a lawyer is a mediator who represents you before a judge, so Jesus is your Mediator. He pleads your case before the One who forgives sins (1 John 2:1).

Do you feel unworthy to stand before the Father’s throne? We’re all in the same boat. You and I need Jesus to advocate for us and clothe us in His righteousness to make us presentable before the Father. Pray in Christ’s name. Let Him speak on your behalf. God will surely listen to His only begotten Son.

A human mediator could never represent you to the heavenly Father. His or her own sin would get in the way. You need a mediator who is without sin to safely approach God, who is altogether holy and righteous and cannot look upon sin (Habakkuk 1:13). Also, a human mediator would have his or her own fleshly agenda and wouldn’t be appropriately concerned with your needs and problems.


But Jesus can—and will—properly represent you at the throne of grace. Because He is God, He knows the Father’s heart. Because Jesus lived as a man, He knows your struggles and the inclinations of the flesh (Hebrews 4:15). And because He lived and died without sinning, you are safe to stand before the Father through Jesus Christ, your faithful Mediator.

Lord, I am lost and alone. I am keenly aware of my need for a mediator. I dare not approach the throne of grace on my own, for I have sinned. Jesus, plead my case, cover my sin, and deliver me. I need you. Oh, how I need you! Thank you for interceding with the Father on my behalf. Amen.

Grace: Embracing God’s Gift for the Moment

Have you ever felt helpless? As moms, this is a feeling that can quickly lead to panic. We want to fix everything we can as we love and care for our families, but sometimes we simply have no control. Grace is God’s gift for moments like this.

recognize and receive grace

Embrace the Grace

In Psalm 34:1-3, David says:
I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak his praises.
I will boast only in the Lord; let all who are helpless take heart.
Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness; let us exalt his name together.


David is acknowledging that we WILL feel helpless at times, but he doesn’t leave us there. He goes on to encourage us to praise God by speaking out His greatness and worshiping Him. As we do that, our focus shifts from what we cannot control to the One who lovingly holds ALL things in His power.

god's gift


Never was this so clear to me as 3 years ago:
The hospital room was thick with grief and silence. There was a heavy feeling of helplessness as I felt stuck in a state of shock. The doctors had just confirmed that our first grand baby had passed away unexpectedly in the early stages of our daughter’s labor.
All of a sudden someone’s cell phone started playing a song. It wasn’t my phone, so I didn’t know how to turn it off. In the confusion and an effort to keep the room quiet, I took the phone out and far down the hallway. I still couldn’t get it to stop playing. As I began to get frustrated, something inside told me to stop and just listen to the words:

All who are thirsty
All who are weak
Just come to the fountain
Dip your heart in the stream of life
Let the pain and the sorrow
Be washed away
In the waves of His mercy
As the deep cries out to deep, we sing…

Come, Lord Jesus come
Come, Lord Jesus come
Come, Lord Jesus come
Come, Lord Jesus come

The tears flowed as I realized God was asking me to welcome Him onto the floor of that hospital. As I did, I can’t tell you how fully I felt His presence in that moment. He was offering me all the grace that I needed to walk through what was in front of me, but I had to recognize and embrace it.


You may not be facing a life and death situation, but it’s in the seemingly smaller circumstances that we create a lifestyle of recognizing and receiving His grace…and it begins with praise. I encourage you to read through all of Psalm 34 with your own struggles in mind and then fully embrace the grace that God is offering YOU.