Why We Should Retell Birth Stories


I have seven great stories about the births of my kids. I love to tell these stories, just as I love to hear my mother tell about my arrival – including how her water broke, causing the doctor to fall in the hall! And we should retell birth stories.



Having seven kids wasn’t my plan- but that’s a discussion for a different day. I’m very grateful I have two sons and then three daughters and two boys at the end. It has just been a glorious ride and I’m very grateful to have each and every one. But let me tell you, every single birth story was different. Every single one of them was different!! None of them were even remotely the same. 


The first one was Charles and his was a forced delivery.  I sat, well actually I didn’t sit- and that was the problem. After birth with him I was confidant that I wasn’t doing that again because I didn’t think I’d sit on a hard surface ever again! Some of you know exactly what I mean…


Anyway, I went on to have Anderson the next year and he was almost an emergency C section because he was so large. The thought of a c-section motivated me to practically shoot him across the room (such a visual there, right?!). 


Ann, our first daughter, had a very peaceful delivery – it snowed on the day she was born and she smiled almost immediately.


Molly was the only one, my middle child, that I went into labor with and was actually born on her due date!


With Lily I was induced- but she was also very peaceful with a beautiful gentle spirit.


With Joseph I walked miles around the hospital floor trying to encourage him along. He took his time.


With Ben my delivery was pretty much textbook after a busy pregnancy. 

All of the different circumstances and details surrounding their individual birth stories, I’ll never forget.

How hard I pushed.

How long I labored.

All the people there with me- My husband and the different doctors.

I will never forget.

And your children’s birth stories are stories worth retelling.

Your kids want to hear them!

(Or their gotcha day. I’ve had several friends who had the blessing of adoption across the ocean, and they love to retell all of us back home. Every single detail of God’s clear provision, as they went across the pond or maybe just around the corner to a hospital.)

We’re blessed by the child that God had chosen for us from the dawn of creation, to be our son or daughter.

And if you haven’t retold them lately, tell them their birth story!

All the details.

How you counted their fingers and toes.

How they cried.

If they had hair.

Who you thought they looked like.

There is just something about hearing your birth (or gotcha) story recounted that makes you feel special.

Very special.

The circumstances of your birth story, your Heavenly Father knows too. And just like a new father who holds his child for the first time, He had plans for you.

His plan is to work in and through you.

He remembers that day.

The hour.

The moment.

The commitment you made to follow and trust Him.

How child-like your faith was when you said quietly in your spirit ” I surrender all this to Jesus.”

How innocent you were about the challenges you would face.

He remembers everything about that special day.

We need to recall where we came from and what He did for us when He cleaned us up.

This will help to keep us humble.

It’s important to admit how much we needed Him then.

And how much we need Him now.

I want to encourage you to tell your kids their physical birth story, but don’t stop there- talk to them about the day you were born spiritually. And if they have given their life to Christ- talk about the day they were born spiritually.

In His Grace-

Rachael Carman


Prayer Cards {vlog}

Prayer Cards {vlog} - There are three ways we can grow in our relationship with our heavenly Father: spending time on our knees, spending time in His word, and spending time worshiping Him. by Rachael Carman

Prayer Cards

There are three ways we can grow in our relationship with our heavenly Father: spending time on our knees, spending time in His word, and spending time worshiping Him. 

In today’s vlog I discussed making prayer cards as a tool for our times in prayer with God. He longs to hear from us. He already knows all about us — even the number of hairs on our heads. But He longs to hear from us.

To make your own cards you will need:

4×6 index card


List of Names/Qualities/Characteristics of God. My favorite is found in Sylvia Gunter’s Prayer Portions book on the page entitled “You Are My God.” You can check out that resource here: 

HS-Prayer Cards 4


1. Pray that God would reveal to your heart the places in your life where you need Him. Ask that He would show you new aspects of His love for you and that He would become real to you. He desires to have a personal relationship with you. Pray “that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ…may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him.”

2. Choose the Names/Qualities/Characteristics of God that minister to your heart’s cry. Remember that it is “at the name of Jesus that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

3. Write out the Names/Qualities/Characteristics on the card along with the corresponding Scripture references. “Call on the name of the Lord.”

HS-Prayer Cards 3

4. Place the card in your Bible so it will be easy for you to find and use during your personal quiet time each day. We are encouraged to “walk in the light as He is in the light.”

HS-Prayer Cards 1

5. Refer to the list often. Keep God, the truths of God, and the word of God ever before you as you “pray continually.”

6. Read over the related verses when possible or during your prayer time as you “make your requests known” and as you “go before the throne of Grace with confidence.”  It is the word of God that is “alive and active…sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing the soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

“What does the Lord require? To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

Rachael Carman