True Peace Is Likely More Than You Think It Is


What a wonderful word to us moms.

With vocal toddlers, noisy washing machines, electronic toys, and outdoor-voices in the house, we seem to never have peace.
But, believe it or not, true peace is NOT complete quiet and a lack of disorder. I’m not saying those things aren’t wonderful, but there is a different type of peace we should be seeking and spreading.

true peace

Take a look at Matthew 5. In this chapter, Jesus is amongst a crowd of people and went up to a mountain in order to share with them. In this sermon, Jesus speaks blessings to those who are poor in spirit, who mourn, who hunger, as well as those who are meek, merciful, pure in heart, and are persecuted. These are all things we struggle with in our fallen world…things we face as a result of sin entering the world.

And among those verses, he places this jewel: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”


How does that fit in to all the others? Well, we get a clue from the paragraphs following this section. Jesus goes on to say that we are the salt of the earth and a light to the world. Why are we compared to salt and light right after the long list of the challenges we can face in our lives? It is so others “may see our good works and give glory to our Father who is in heaven”(Mt. 5:16). You see, it has to do with our testimony…how we share with others the Good News of Christ’s salvation.

What exactly is a peacemaker, then? It is much more than someone who breaks up two toddlers fighting over a toy. It is even more than keeping two people or two countries from fighting with each other, too.

Peacemakers are those who spread the gospel to others, pointing them to the One who brings the ultimate peace. Peacemakers help those who are lost, suffering, or struggling in this fallen world to make peace with their Creator!

Let me tell you. Once we have that awesome peace with God and have been reconciled to Him, we can face any struggle in this world with His strength! We can mourn, we can hunger, we can even be persecuted with a peace that passes understanding, not because we are necessarily happy, but because we have His joy and know that He is our comforter, our redeemer, and our salvation! Nothing can take that from us!

blessed peace

So, yes, as moms we need to “keep the peace” in our households and help our children to get along with each other. But what a privilege it is to introduce them to the One who brings the ultimate peace. The One with whom we need to be reconciled.
How do we do that? By being salt and light to our children in the best way we can. Reading God’s word to them. Teaching His principles as we go about our days and as we teach them during school-time. Praying for their hearts. This is one of the greatest things we can do for our children.

We can be a peacemaker between them and our Lord and Savior! What a privilege it is to lead them to peace with their Creator!

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Sherri Seligson
Sherri Seligson is a 21-year homeschool mom and marine biologist.

She has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, Interning for High School Credit, instructional DVDs for Exploring Creation with Biology, Chemistry, and The Human Body, and other publications.

An international conference speaker, Sherri encourages moms and teaches families the value of studying God’s creation.

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Posted on: June 19, 2017, by : Sherri Seligson