When to Worship

Praise Him in the middle of the night when the moon shines in the darkness and the crickets sing. In the morning before the sun peaks over the horizon, as the birds begin their chirping. At lunch time when hunger rumbles. In the afternoon when the yawns begin and eyes droop. At dinner alone or around a table, in prayer, in conversation, in reflections about the day.

When it’s sunny or cloudy, or raining or storming. When it’s clear outside or foggy, hot or frosty, humid or dry, lush or not. When the seeds sprout, or the buds bloom, or the seeds fall, and the plants die. As the winds blows, the leaves fall, the snow piles.

joy and excitement - praise him

Praise Him when love is new, when love is broken, when love is lost. When birth is anticipated, new life arrives, and first steps pitter-patter. When imagination asks, seeks, and knocks. When curiosity wonders, when midnight awakes.

Praise Him in the stillness, in the chaos, during the in-between. When interviews happen, when job offers come, when bonuses grow, when bosses recognize, when bosses don’t. When jobs are lost, savings are depleted, when doubt crouches. When bills pile up, when community supports, when miracles happen.

Praise Him when questions come, yet silence lingers. When time passes, but nothing changes, when hope diminishes, and discouragement settles. When opportunity knocks, challenges surmount, and solutions surprise.

Praise Him in waiting rooms at the vet, during oil changes at the repair shop. In hospitals, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices. Waiting on reports, on return calls, on a prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment options. When tests return inconclusive, benign, malignant. When in remission or in hospice.

Praise Him when you can’t stop shaking, can’t stop the tears, can’t get off the floor, when you wish you could just run away, when you’re out of options, when you’re out of money, when there’s no one to call, no strength to dial, no words to say anything. Praise Him.when to worship

Praise Him in peace and in confusion, in understanding and in frustration, in clarity and in distraction. Praise Him when it makes sense and when it doesn’t. On the mountain top and in the valley, when it’s fair and when it isn’t. In betrayal and pain and abuse. In misunderstandings, missteps, misrepresentations, and mistakes.

In joy and excitement with dancing, with wet faces and hands lifted, hope raises. Praise Him!

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Rachael Carman
I had it going on—or so I thought. After surviving sixty-three months of pregnancy, countless sleepless nights, and 35,000+ diapers, this one-time control freak encountered God’s grace. And I’m here to encourage you to do the same! I love encouraging and inspiring moms to grow deeper in their walk and relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I’ve been married to my beloved, Davis, since 1986; our life has been a roller-coaster ride, with God at the controls. We have seven kids and let me tell you our family loves to laugh! I enjoy playing in the dirt, eating dark chocolate, and walking on the beach. I’m an author and speaker and I am passionate about helping moms not only survive motherhood, but draw near to the Father and thrive in motherhood.

I’m so glad you’re here.
Posted on: January 16, 2017, by : Rachael Carman