When we are humble

Have you ever been humiliated? Young children are great at causing us to feel humble, aren’t they? I remember when one of my children was very young, we walked past a woman at the grocery store who hadn’t had a bath and who wore dirty clothes. My daughter, not knowing any better at such a young age, loudly announced to the entire store, “Mommy, she stinks!” Yes, I was definitely humiliated!

When we are humble

But it can be a good thing to be humble. When we’re humble, God is able to use us to do His work! 1 Peter 5:6 says: “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you.” In other words, when we are humble before God, He will exalt us!

Have you ever noticed that, when we feel like we’ve got everything under control, we tend to rely on ourselves and not pray or rely on God for direction? But when we’re humble, when we know we don’t know what to do, that’s when we pray. That’s when we admit that we need God.

If you’re like me, homeschooling is often challenging! It would be nice to have it all together and for things to go smoothly—according to my plans—without a problem. But I find that, more often than not, it doesn’t happen that way. But I also know that the times I rely on God, more specifically the times I have no choice but to rely on God, are the times everything goes the best! When I’m forced to humble myself, God is always ALWAYS there to guide me.

And the amazing thing is that, even though God knows we’re going to fall flat on our faces, He still allows us to make our own choices and choose our own paths. But He’s faithful no matter how badly we mess up to be there for us when we turn back to Him. All we have to do is humble ourselves.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that we are the most teachable when we humble ourselves! Many years ago, I tutored a young boy in reading. He was about 6 or 7 years old. He was having trouble learning to read because he simply refused to believe that the teacher at his school knew more about reading than he did. If the teacher said a certain letter made a certain sound, the little boy refused to believe her. He wanted to decide for himself what sound that letter made. And as long as he insisted that he knew more than the teacher, he wasn’t going to learn to read!

As you read about the young man in the situation above, you may have thought to yourself, “How in the world could that little boy have thought he knew more than his teacher? He was only 6 years old! Did he really think he knew more than an adult who has been reading for many years?” It just sounds silly, doesn’t it?

forced to be humble

Do you know when that little boy finally learned to read? Yep, that’s right! When he humbled himself and realized that, no matter how smart he thought he was or how much he wanted to decide for himself what sounds the letters make, he didn’t have the answers!

So often we are like that little boy. We think we have the answers. We rely on ourselves. And I can just imagine God asking Himself when we’re finally going to humble ourselves so He can use us for His purposes and teach us what He wants us to know.

So remember on hard days and days when everything seems to be going wrong that those are the very days we need now and then. They teach us to be humble. To rely on God. To allow Him to teach us and make us into the best we can be. Into what He knows we can be.

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Wendy Hilton
Wendy lives in the South with her husband, Scott, and 3 children. She is a Christian, homeschooling, work-from-home mom. She is involved in her local church, is co-owner of the Hip Homeschool Moms website, and she teaches Training for Warriors classes at her local gym, Everwine Fitness. She and Scott were high school sweethearts and have been married for 25 years. Her oldest child, Hannah, is now age 20, she has autism, and Wendy began homeschooling her at age 2. Her son, Noah, is now age 19 and is the second homeschool graduate in the family. Her youngest child is Mary Grace, age 13, who is a social butterfly and ballerina. Wendy loves reading, eating gluten free, and working out.
Posted on: May 5, 2017, by : Wendy Hilton